Green River killer Gary Ridgway faces death penalty over Teresa Lewis crime

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The 61-year-old American serial killer, Gary Ridgway faces possible penalty over Teresa Lewis crime. All time, interesting research is created by serial killers as their crimes, methods, and bizarre thought behaviors. Gary Ridgway has murdered 48 women in during the 1980s and 1990s by strangling them and after strangling, he would leave their bodies throughout King County. He was known as Green River Killer.

The Green River Killer, Gary Ridgway has former escaped execution by the state of because he declared that he had killed 48 women. But the specter penalty still appears large over Ridgway. The case is derived from the Green River that begins in State and empties into the Puget Sound in Seattle.

An Oregon detective Marcom strongly considered that Ridgway is responsible for at least two murders that happened in the state of Oregon. He added that if it is proved that they were killed in Oregon, and then he may possibly face the penalty.


Ridgway admitted for 48 murders including 42 of the 49 murders on the police’s list of probable Green River Killer victims and 6 more murders, including one as recently as 1998.

The 16 year old, Angela Girdner remained in July 1983 and was founded in April 1985 from the roadside in Tualatin in Oregon. The site was proximity to the place where the bodies of Shirley Sherill and Denise Bush were discovered. Ridgway has confessed that both Bush and Sherill were his victims.

Marcom discoursed that Ridgway did not confess killing Girdner because the murder occurred in Oregon where he will not be protected by his plea deal in . Marcom is trying to follow the witness William Wakefield, the third, who was Girdner’s pimp.

Gary Ridgway was born in Salt Lake City, Utah on February 18th 1949. Mary Steinman was his mother and father Thomas Ridgway. Gary was raised in McMicken Heights, and had a peculiar childhood outshined by a domineering and unsavory relationship with his mother.

Gary was a bed-wetter and was assumed to be of very low intelligence, with an approximate 82 I.Q. during the school time, he had trouble with poor academic standing and attempted his first homicide in around 1966 at the age of 16 years old by luring a six year old boy into the woods and stabbing him. The planned victim survived and Ridgway started to twist stranger heights by growing an obsession with pornography, which is an ordinary denominator in almost all serial killers historical reports. He has been married many times, and he has one son.

Gary started a campaign of destruction to remove the world of as many prostitutes as he perhaps could after attempting his first murder. Then he continued to kill the working girls and then he dumped their bodies into “The Green River” in State. So he has been called as “The Green River Killer”. Then he began to dump the victims in unusual sites he referred to as “clusters.” Gary enjoyed visiting these dump sites and it was exposed later that he connected in the morbid practice of necrophilia so he could relive the murder and revel in his aggression and sexual perversion. He also posed the bodies and left strange articles on the bodies like fish, and stones, the meaning of which were never understood.

Afterward, the King County Sheriff’s office formed “The Green River Task Force” to investigate the cord of murders and was consisted of famous detectives Robert Keppel, Dave Reichert, and John E. Douglas. In the case, the detectives consulted with row inmate “Ted Bundy” who was waiting effecting for his crimes in .

The Green River Killer was very same in his methods of killing and investigators thought Bundy could help with approaching and be able to help them catch this man. Clues that would ultimately be of vital importance were collected at this time including paint chips, and later a DNA swab was taken from Ridgway that would be the main thing for evidence that would criminal him.

Finally the killer, Ridgway was arrested in 2001 on the base of the hair and saliva sampled that were taken into evidence. Investigators decided to take close look at all the data connecting to him. Amazingly the DNA evidence had been preserved and that was a positive match with investigated four of the murders.

The Green River Killer had been arrested and the murder had been stopped, but not before he was convicted of more serial murders then any other person in U.S. record. He pled responsible to 48 counts of motivated murder in his trial in 2003. Though some consider that the over total of murders occurred by Ridgway is nearer to 90.

He was obtainable life in prison when being sentence if he gave up locations of where he dumped the bodies. But this sentenced was resisted to the penalty. One more time, the penalty was spared; he would avoid and spend life in prison for his confession, details of the murders, and additional information.

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