Search’s webhp Error indicates drastic referral traffic in Analytics

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Last week onwards, the visits (referral) are increased from from the above pages. Those visits are counted in the referral traffic in Google Analytics.

All webmasters have noticed that their referal traffic have been incresed as “” but actually this drastical change from 10% to 900% are from not domain but it is from “” and ““.

These are visits coming from Google India web search and image search. Not all referrals from domains come through organic search or AdWords ad listings. Referrals may come from a variety of sources, including Google Groups posts, listings, or static pages on related Google sites. Such visits are tagged as [referral] instead of [organic] or [cpc]. You may notice that the visits in your reports are being associated with the wrong source. This is often caused by some common mistakes in the implementation of the tracking code on your site. Please visit the Analytics Help article given below for more information on this.

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