Goober’s suit Donation to Griffith Museum

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Today, on 28th August, 2010 Actor George Lindsey donated one of his suits to the ‘Andy Griffith Museum’ which is displayed on “The Andy Griffith Show” in the North Carolina town. Goober Pyle was famous for his trademark beanie around the fictional town of Mayberry.

Lindsey said he wore the suit for nearly 30 years and that suit was his favorite one behind the camera. A fan who showed up for the dedication, Jim Clark said, “He was wearing this same suit I think sometime up until the ’90s on Hee Haw and for personal appearances“. Jones said, “We are very grateful for this donation from George Lindsey. When he visited Mount Airy in 2000, he received a key to the city and is an honorary citizen of Mount Airy”.


Andy Griffith was born at Mount Airy. Throughout the scripts like street names, geography (Mount Pilot/Pilot Mountain) and Snappy Lunch (still on Main Street), has inserted references to his hometown. At present time, businesses play along – a barber shop on Main Street which is called Floyd’s as well as even an auto salvage yard bears the name Mayberry. Three 1960s Ford Galaxies painted like Sheriff Andy Taylor’s cruiser prowl the city, giving rides to tourists.

Nancy Malone, president of the Surry Arts Council’s board of directors, welcomed everyone to the event and introduced Mount Airy City Manager Barbara Jones. Lindsey last visited Mount Airy 10 years ago for the 40th anniversary of “The Andy Griffith Show.” Clark said a few words on behalf of Lindsey prior to expose what was inside a glass case to those gathered in the museum, “George is real excited about the items having a home here. He is honored that Mount Airy wanted it. He also wanted me to tell you that, ‘Goober says hey,’” which gained a huge laugh from the crowd.

Clark and longtime friend of Griffith’s, Emmett Forrest, unveiled a suit worn by Jim Lindsey on “The Andy Griffith Show,” “The Return to Mayberry,” and for personal appearances. Clark said, “There’s a lot of history to this suit. The shoes, he picked out special to go with the suit. The shirt came later; it was probably more from the ‘The Return to Mayberry’ era. The tie is one that he probably wore on “Hee Haw” more than any other show. He thought it went particularly well with the suit”.

Organizers predict it will be the largest yet, especially since Oct. 3 marks the 50th anniversary of the iconic show. The show’s idyllic setting was inspired by Griffith’s hometown of Mount Airy. Lindsey’s donation comes below a month before Mount Airy’s 21st annual Mayberry Days festival, September 23rd -26th, 2010.

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