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Posted by on Oct 22, 2010 | Leave a Comment is the website by the Ford motor company which shows the automaker cares for the community. Ford is donating 100% of the proceeds for breast cancer awareness month, for attire that you purchase at You can buy and shop the Warriors in Pink shirt and gear and the revenue will be donated to the Susan G. Komen for the cure which supports the prevention of breast cancer, research and cure. You may also have promo code that you can use on the site.

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You can also download a photo and share it with friends and family, if you have taken at the Race for the Cure event. More importantly, Ford will donate $1 to those who “like” Ford on Facebook. Not only in the month of October, but throughout the year supports breast cancer awareness. Visit to contribute and get Ford to donate.

Ford Motor Company’s “Warriors in Pink” campaign, a key part of the company’s continuing effort to spread awareness about breast cancer, is sponsoring a remembrance comforter with endless possibilities.

The “Warriors in Pink” virtual quilt, which was developed by Firstborn in partnership with JWT Detroit, permits supporters to create a limitless community canvas through their own contributions. The quilt allows users to add an infinite number of patches and messages by using the latest Flash technology.

Visitors to the site can view the virtual quilt’s size and stitch count, at any given time, which are posted at the bottom of the page. Visitors and patch makers can span the entire view of it or they can zoom in on each patch of the quilt. “Warriors in Pink” symbols paired with notes, well wishes and other contributions for that fighting the disease adorn each patch.

Kevin Arthur, vice president of business development for Firstborn says, “Creating a unique way for Ford’s ‘Warriors in Pink’ to support the cause was an inspiring and rewarding design challenge. The ability to create an unlimited number of patches is an appropriate way for people to show their love for the friends and family who are fighting this disease.”

This quilt is an unprecedented experience, from a technology perspective. The project requirements, such as the need for an unlimited number of patches, required unique solutions that took advantage of Flash’s latest enrichments.

How to prop up hundreds of thousands of messages and still make the interface and back-end manageable, both from a user experience and flash development is the biggest question for this project. The solution was to create 10 different templates which contained a distinctive arrangement of patches, which came in small, medium and large. Filling up these templates vigorously with the patches and “sewing” them, together resulted in a quilt that looks random, yet lives in a very restricted atmosphere.

The scrolling dilemma is the next challenge. To assemble the quilt on the fly, a virtual coordinate plane was set up. For instance, if a user only scrolled to the left while they were on the quilt, then only data from the left side of the quilt was fetched. This “as needed” loading created an experience that was not only tailored completely to the way users scroll through the quilt, but also very small in file size.

The position of user’s mouse was made more sensitive by taking the dynamic scrolling one step further. Instead of just scrolling to the right, left, up and down, the quilt tracks the location of the mouse as users move their mouse across the screen, and it scrolls in the accurate direction that the mouse is headed, creating the perfect “tag-along.”

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