David Blaine Levitation Revealed

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Interesting & Shocking news floats as  David Blaine Levitation revealed. David Blaine and his famous tricks have marveled many people. The tricks of his were very funny and entertained the spectators. People from many countries remained astonished at his ‘magic’ actions and gathered to see him in full event.

Ed Balducci described Balducci levitation which is a levitation illusion. The inventor of it is unknown. many magicians, such as David Roth, Paul Harris, Alex Magic, and David Blaine has popularized an impromptu magic trick. David Blaine is a street magician, known world-wide. After Houdin, he considered to be the best. He was appeared in numerous tv shows like “David Blaine: Street Magic”. In this show, people are being hypnotized with his talent and magic tricks.

When the magic tricks of David Blaine were showcased by him, he rose to fame. All over the world because of his excellence in his field of expertise, he was praised. The one of the biggest crowd-getter of David Blaine is the levitation. It is a hard trick to do, but David was able to pull it off in a number of events.

Just recently, David Blaine’s levitation secret was revealed. Both legs are used by him and feet together in doing this trick. After that, he raises his left foot up to where he can reach it and at the same time, the right foot does the ‘tip toe’. It is not that spectacular and it depends heavily on the angle of vision of the audience who will only see the side of his left foot and the back of his feet.

Video of Levitation from youtube is given:

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