Curtis Bowen slapped by teacher – Mother writes 40 crazed pages of demands

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A child named Curtis Bowen was slapped by his teacher because his mother wrote 40 crazed pages of demands on behalf of him.

Teacher of Martin Luther King Jr., Elementary School slapped her student named Curtis Bowen. Curtis Bowen was slapped because his mother wrote 40 crazed pages of demands on behalf of him.

No one knows anything about this matter except President Obama, Vice President Biden, their wives, three senators, and over 20 other officials. 40-pages were CC’ed letter by Curtis’ mother, Lisa Henry Bowen, mailed to school district superintendent John Covington. The mother of child makes unbelievable demands for amends. One receiver describes the letter as “one of the craziest things I’ve ever seen” and put it to the Internet. website also is created by Lisa Henry Bowen for this occasion.

Throughout the letter, Lisa Henry Bowen copyrights her name and her son’s name and starts it off by recognizing herself as the “intellectual property owner” of fourth grader Curtis Bowen (C). After the slap-ation, Ms Curry supposedly regretted but Curtis didn’t accept and his mother has treated this matter into her own way because, according to her, “Ms Curry is one audacious white bitch with ‘balls’ to come up in my neighborhood and slap black children around.

Curtis shall get, among many other things such as $13,500 worth of Wal-Mart gift cards, a free college education, two trips to Disney World, nine years of private tennis lessons on the Plaza, season tickets to the opera, theater, and ballet, almost a decade’s worth of psychological counseling by “the best black child psychologist in the country,” a whole orchestra’s worth of new musical instruments, a three-week trip to Africa at a five-star hotel, and a personal audience with President Obama.

Assault charges are filed by Lisa, a jazz singer against Ms Curry, but she got the run-around. So, she tried to report Ms Curry to the Department of Social Services, but the rep supposedly told her it’s “not considered child abuse [because Curtis'] skin was not broken with the slap.” So, 40-page document was penned by Lisa, which she posted to her Web site and sent it to about 200 people.

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  1. Monica says:

    Curtis was not slapped because of the crazy letter. The insane mother’s letter is in response to the slap.

  2. barry Sotero says:

    How about a slurpee instead of your crazy demands?

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