Biyanka Moore photos hot on web

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Popular adult film star, Biyanka Moore’s photos have become a hot search on web. 15-Year-Old Porn Star, Biyanka Moore has come under fire, following many people reported to see her in a movie for adults in regards to the loss of youngsters’ blog. The rising adult star has done everything in her power to chase away the rumors that she first surfaced at the age of 15.

To dispel the story, she almost right away took to her Twitter page, and said that everything will be cleared up shortly. In case she filmed at the age of 15, she and whoever filmed her will probable be in quite a bit of difficulty. Over 20 hours ago, she made her last Tweet and now everyone waits for her next statement that what she says on this matter.

Some people shared the story on social networking sites including Twitter, an individual using different aliases later on the beginning of the breaking news, who suspected that she started responding to those posts. On several different occasions, she continues to comment on the MySpace page of RayRayBabee, on which she calls her “big sis”. She is actually older than her but it doesn’t make sense for her to call her “big sis”. In the porn industry, she is a new comer and presently she has only shot a scene with the Reality Kings under the name Sweet Bieyanka. The popular porn site and any other companies related with them in terms of promotion and distribution could face serious charges if she is found to be under age of 18.

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