Bachelorette Spoilers – Who Has a Girlfriend on The Bachelorette 2010?

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Some Bachelorette spoilers says that one of contestant of The Bachelorette has a girlfriend whome he dating, but it’s not confirmed yet.

If you don’t want to know, don’t read on! Who has a girlfriend on The Bachelorette is still a secret question among Bachelorette fan which will be revealed next week!

According to several news report, Frank Neuschaefer is the Bachelorette contestant who has a girlfriend back home who he is still in love with. Frank, the 31-year old Retail Manager from Geneva, Illinois apparently tells Ali that he can’t continue on with The Bachelorette because he has a girlfriend who still has his heart.

Wes, the country singer from Texas has become the center of a controversy after rumor started swirling that he has a girlfriend of three years. Everybody seems to know that he’s there for the wrong reasons. Rumor also has it that Wes makes it to the finale four – which means, we’ll have to hear the same part of the same song
for 100 more times!

Although this is still unconfirmed, I’m not really surprised to learn that Wes has a girlfriend. Besides his questionable intentions towards this seasons’ love searcher, Jillian Harris, he seems like the kind of guy who will break your heart. Moreover, Jillian has had some bad vibe about him during their one-on-one date but she second-guessed her intuition and gave him a rose instead, leaving Wes still in the running.

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