Alice is Dead 3 Walkthrough & Game play video revealed online

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Alice is Dead 3 is the third sequel of the Alice escape games. Alice is Dead 3 game is being released from Hyptosis and Mike M continues. There are number of users, who need walkthrough details. This is something really interesting because it shows the complete guide on how to win the game. It is a flash game where you can look for items on screen and break the mystery so it is actually a funny game. This one is the final episode of the trilogy. In this game, collect one by one object for getting the key to escape the room. With gorgeous graphics, good music and great atmosphere this third chapter is beautifully done.

Alice is Dead 3 Walkthrough

Walkthrough for the online game Alice is Dead 3 has started appearing on the internet. In video games, a walkthrough is a document which attempts to teach a player how to beat or solve a particular game. They are also a form of cheating particularly with video games. Walkthroughs are often made by amateurs after they have completed the game and date from the earliest text adventures and the simplest graphic adventure and puzzle-adventure games.

Alice is Dead 3: Walkthrough Video

The user shows how to beat the game using videos. This walkthroughs is from YouTube and is made with the help of emulators, video recorders, etc. This walkthroughs are made with voiceover commentary by the player, which can either be to explain the game or for humor value.

Played like any point-and-click game, you use your mouse to interact. There’s no changing cursor, unfortunately, so you might have to do a fair bit of clicking around if you find yourself stuck. Hearts signify navigation, and clicking on one when you see it will let you move to a new area.

Fans of the series will also be glad to see that its signature sense of dark humour is still intact, along with its fantastic production values.

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