13 Worst Marriage Proposals Ever Recorded [Videos]

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I know for sure not all the videos are not so funny but it saves you from that Facebook Fan page with this title which compels you to become a fan and forces you to post the link in you wall so that you friends will also fall into the trap.

Most of them are fake and even some of them are true there is nothing funny to the level making us laugh.

You can bypass the facebook fan page and in the mean time watch all the videos without any problem.

I found many videos about marriage proposal fails. Then I highlight some of them, compiled it to 13 worst marriage proposal fails ever recorded.

Check out the Videos of 13 Worst Marriage Proposals Ever Recorded from youtube

Marriage Proposal Fail

Proposal Fail

Failed Marriage Proposal on Live TV

Baseball Proposal Fail

Footy Show Marriage Rejection (HD) ORIGINAL Proposal Fail


NBA marriage proposal fail

World’s Most Painful Marriage Proposal Rejection

Marriage Proposal Fail

Failed Marriage Proposal !

Marriage Proposal Fail

New York Rangers Hockey Game Marriage Proposal Denial — Ouch!

Footy Show Wedding proposal Fail


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  1. Phillip says:

    You have a few doubles in there. Change the title to 11 or 10. Whatever he number is.

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