Vibram Fivefingers Review – foot gloves Or barefoot running shoes?

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Vibram Fivefingers shoes from Italy are the latest fashion and these shows are best and the first choice for them, who really prefer to run barefoot. These shoes provide almost the same running experience as barefoot without the fear of the terrain, dirt and abrasion. Vibram Fivefingers shoes can also be called foot gloves. The shoes cost is around $75 to $125. A few years ago, these barefoot running shoes were created by Vibram and at present they have become very famous. Vibram is having a hard time keeping up with the high demand so these shoes are increasingly hard to get. Vibram is expanding its operations to try and meet demands.

In 2006, these shoes were brought to the market and named as one of the best health inventions of 2007 by Times Magazine. Vibram’s new shoes, as well as the benefits of barefoot running were praised in McDougall’s book ‘Born to Run’ last year. These shoes do not look pretty compared to regular tennis shoes, but supposedly they run like a charm and are vast improvements in style and speed. This year, Vibram FiveFingers barefoot shoes become bigger hit due to a study by Harvard gave even more praise to the benefits of barefoot running.

According to CNN reports Vibram is a 75-year old Italian company, and very famous for making soles for high end boots. But 6 years ago, Robert Fliri approached the company with a shoe that could hardly be called a shoe. It is better described as a foot glove. The Guardian reports that shoe runners tend to land on the heel of their foot, where barefoot runners tend to land on the ball of their foot. Over time, constant pressure on the heel can cause injuries, like ankle sprains, Achilles tendinitis, shin splints and even back problems.

Justin Owings, an online ad salesman who runs a popular FiveFingers fansite called says, “They have such a profound effect on your life,” and “It’s this whole re-introduction to the world through your feet. It brings out the kid in you because you feel all these new textures through your feet.” “It started off as a fad movement, but it’s gaining a loyal following that I don’t think will fade away,” says Dr. Ben Pearl, an Arlington, Va., podiatrist who has written about barefoot running on his blog Docforjocks.

Mens size 42 (Available AT Amazon):
Moc 2.7 oz. each, 5.4 oz. a pair
Classic 5.3 oz. each, 10.6 oz. a pair
Sprint 5.6 oz. each, 11.2 oz. a pair
KSO 5.7 oz. each, 11.4 oz. a pair
Flow 6.6 oz. each, 13.2 oz. a pair
KSO Trek 6.7 oz each, 13.4 oz. a pair

Womens size 37:
Performa 2 oz. each, 4 oz. a pair
Classic 4.25 oz. each, 8.5 oz. a pair
Sprint 4.4 oz. each, 8.8 oz. a pair
KSO 4.7 oz. each, 9.4 oz. a pair
Flow 5.6 oz. each, 11.2 oz. a pair

Video of Vibram FiveFingers/City Sports All-Star Barefoot Running Clinicfrom youtube:

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