Search review: Is it Legit or Scam?

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In your spare time while you are relaxing in your home, turn on browser and login to your account at to check daily advertisements for earning money.

Different PTC (Pay To Click) sites are available on internet that claims to pay their users for every click they made on their site. Thousands of users are daily visiting different PTC sites to earn few bucks, but if users come across with the fake PTC sites, then all they doing is labor work for site without getting any money. If you are still wondering that Neobux is trusted PTC site or not, then check out complete review on Neobux to start earning with right strategy.

About Neobux: is a PTC site that has number of daily visitors and users who received their money for clicking on site. On Neobux, you can earn money for seeing various advertisements and by other simplest ways. Neobux welcomes users as well as advertisements from different people. So, if you are having any small or home established business, you can ask to include your advertisement on Neobux and you can earn money besides just seeing advertisement.

You will get daily ads of about 10-20 in your account to go through them one after another. You will be paid $0.001 for seeing each advertisement. So, you can earn daily $0.1 – $0.2 for checking each advertisement you get into your account. You can make good amount of money once you uplift your strategy and work well on it.

Membership level details:

Free membership: Free membership using person will get fixed amount of daily advertisements. Only $0.001 per advertisement will be awarded to users.

Golden membership: Golden membership will award you $0.1 – $0.2 for each advertisement you see. You will get benefit of referring so many friends and earning through your referrals. As well, you will get more number of advertisements to click for earning.

Steps to register at

  • Visit the official site from your browser
  • Click on “Register” button
  • Provide your information like name, email id, password, birth date, etc.
  • Click on “Continue” button to complete further formalities to get registered at Neobux
  • If you are already a member on Neobux site, then click on log-in button and enter details to access your account


There is one issue with NeoBux as it has rule of allowing one account per computer and one user per IP address to click in accounts per day. So, if more than one member of single family are having account with Neobux, then it becomes little hassle for them to earn money by logging in to same computer that his or her family members are using daily.

Earning issues:

Back to the point of earning money with Neobux, you will start earning very slowly. So, to pick up the speed to earn more money with Neobux, you should become a part of various programs.

One another issue regarding earning money is you will not earn $1 – $2 per month if you are standard (free) user. You must refer your friends to earn more points. As well, you should upgrade your account to paid one for earning more. It is not at all fake site, but it is not completely free site that gives you more money. So, if you are agreed with upgrading your account to paid one, then it is easy and simple site to make money.


  • User friendly
  • Free of cost registration


  • You will earn only $0.001 per advertisement
  • Restricted number of ads for standard (free) account holder
  • Only one account per computer and one user per IP address to click in accounts per day

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