Loreal Hair Color – Reviews & Shades Chart

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Hair color is the pigmentation of hair follicles because of two kinds of melanin, eumelanin and pheomelanin. Many companies are in the market with their hair color products. But the L’Oreal becomes the market leader in hair color due to the high quality of their products. Different shades of L’Oreal hair colors exist in the market. Tips to choose the Loreal Hair Color, its reviews and shades chart are given below.

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Now-a-days, Hair is considered as a fashion ornament that reflects the personality of the individual. With L’Oréal products, you’ll be encouraged to give a new touch to your hair. The L’Oréal is one of the world’s largest cosmetics company. It has expanded its activities in the field of hair color, skin care, sun protection, make-up, perfumes and hair care. Company is energetic in the dermatological and pharmaceutical fields. It is the top nanotechnology patent-holder in the United States. They got outstanding reputation because they offer variety of colors with reasonable price. They always update their products according to customer’s preference from time to time.

L’Oreal Hair Color review:

L’Oreal provides variety of different color shades like Loreal Pale Golden Blonde, Loreal Golden Platinum, Loreal Dark Blonde Light Ash Blonde Frosted, Loreal Ginger/Butterscotch, Loreal Almost Black, Loreal Walnut, Loreal Darkest Brown, Loreal Chocolate Caramel, etc. It also offers the hair color remover.

L’Oreal Paris Feria Permanent Haircolor provides Multi-Faceted Shimmering Colour, Pure Prismatic Colour with 3X Highlights. L’Oreal’s Frost Design allows you to customize your look. L’Oreal Paris Color Appeal Platinum is available with two colors real Silver and real Gold that gives the high-shine look. Loreal Excellence Creme Hair Color is rich, creamy, no-drip formula and simple to use.

L’Oreal Superior Preference Light Golden Blonde holds No-Mess Fade-Defying Color Gel, Color Creme in Applicator, Care Supreme Multi-Dose Conditioner, etc. It gives your hair long-lasting color spectrum with luminosity, shine and beautiful gray coverage. L’Oreal Florida Honey Blonde gives perfect coverage for grey along with high shine colour conditioners that leave hair with a smooth silky touch.

L’Oréal hair color shades chart:

The Hair color chart was made in 2007 with the purpose to meet the requirements of women and men, who are searching for right color for them. More and more manufacturers are jumping in the field of producing the hair color so it becomes hard to find the right hair color. Hair color chart was made to collect all of those colors together in order to help people make the right choice. All the hair colors do not find the place in the hair color chart but is built in the way that could help people make the right choice.

Loreal hair color chart permits you to see what hair colors you should shun. You can find perfect hair color match on the L’Oreal web site and it also gives the instructions so that you can see which of their products are best for you. You can use this facility to view how different hair colors will turn out depending on your original hair color.

  • Loreal Blonde hair color chart
    • Loreal Golden Platinum
    • Loreal Light Ash Blonde
    • Loreal Brownish Blonde
    • Loreal Pale Golden Blonde
    • Loreal Honey Blonde
    • Loreal Platinum Ash with Beige Highlights
    • Loreal Butterscotch
    • Loreal Dark Blonde
    • Loreal Honey
    • Loreal Pale Blonde
    • Loreal Golden Lights
    • Loreal Lt. Ash Brown/ Lt. Golden Blonde Tips
    • Loreal Buttered Toast
    • Loreal Dark Blonde/Lt. Ash Blonde Frosted
    • Loreal Golden Strawberry Blonde
    • Loreal Strawberry Blonde
    • Loreal Light Beige Blonde
    • Loreal Wheat
    • Loreal Light Golden Blonde
  • Frost hair color chart
    • Loreal Brownish Blonde/Light Ash Blonde Frosted
    • Loreal Dark Blonde Light Ash Blonde Frosted
    • Loreal Strawberry Blonde/Pale Blonde Tips
  • Loreal Highlight hair color chart
    • Loreal Medium Ash Blonde, Medium Golden Blonde Highlights
    • Loreal Honey Blonde, Pale Golden Blonde Highlights
    • Loreal Light Honey Brown, Light Auburn Highlights
    • Loreal Honey Blonde, Light Golden Highlights
    • Loreal Ginger/Butterscotch
    • Loreal Ash Brown/Honey Blonde
    • Loreal Honey Blonde Wheat
  • Loreal Brunette hair color chart
    • Light Ash Brown
    • Loreal Light Golden Brown
    • Loreal Medium Golden Brown
    • Loreal Dark Brown
    • Loreal Almost Black
    • Loreal Medium Ash Brown
    • Loreal Dark Chocolate Brown
    • Loreal Darkest Brown
    • Loreal Dark Reddish Brown
    • Loreal Medium Ash Brown
    • Loreal Light Ash Brown
    • Loreal Mahogany
    • Loreal Walnut
    • Loreal Ash Brown
  • Loreal Frost hair color chart
    • Loreal Light Ash Brown – Light Blonde Frosted
    • Loreal Light Ash Brown – Platinum Ash Blonde Frosted
    • Medium Ash Brown – Platinum Ash Beigh Frosted
    • Loreal Light Ash Brown, Light Golden Blonde Tips
  • Highlight hair color chart
    • Loreal Dark Brown, Dark Auburn
    • Loreal Light Beige Blonde, Light Golden Brown
    • Loreal Medium Brown, Golden Brown Highlights
    • Loreal Chocolate Caramel
    • Loreal Medium Golden Brown Lt. Golden Brown Highlights
    • Loreal Medium Brown Roots – Light Golden Brown Ends
    • Loreal Light & Medium Brown Roots/Light Brownish Blonde Ends
    • Loreal Lt. Ash Brown/Lt. Ash Blonde Frosted
    • Loreal Midnight – Honey Blonde
    • Loreal Pecan – Chardonnay
    • Lt. Brown, Lt. Ash Blonde Highlights
    • Misty Mocha
  • Red hair color chart
    • Loreal Chestnut
    • Loreal Light Auburn
    • Loreal Dark Auburn
    • Loreal Medium Auburn
    • Loreal Flame Red
    • Loreal Coppery Red
    • Loreal Irish Red
    • Loreal Medium Irish Red provides complete details of the L’Oréal hair color shades chart.

Tips to choose your color:

Selecting the hair color from the L’Oreal hair color chart is very simple. Sub numbers indicate the quantity of ash or red that is in a product. E.g.”7″ is dark blond, but “7. 1” is dark ash blond. When you dye any brand that you are going from blond to dark, always ensure the color you use has some red in it, if not then your hair may end up with a greenish touch.

Your hair is more than 50 per cent grey and you are searching for product to cover your grey then excellence Creme is the best product for you. This Crème gives long lasting permanent 100 % grey coverage and leaves your hair with shiny and gleaming. If you prefer highlighting your hair then Couleur Experte becomes best for you because this creative product contains a hair color and highlighting kit all in one. It is very easy to apply and produces stunning salon quality results.

While using hair color, some people who experience annoyance, should go for Natural Match Color Creme Gloss. It is permanent color and has no ammonia and holds green tea to make your hair shiny, silky and healthy with rich color. This range is accessible in some attractive natural shades.

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