How to support the person who is coming out of the closet?

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It can be hard for some one to come out of the closet. You are a celebrity that doesn’t mean you aren’t struggling with coming out. In fact, it’s probably more difficult for celebs to come out of the closet. With that said, it’s always fun to speculate. I think that many celebs are used to being called gay, even if they’re not. It’s a game of exposure–all publicity is good publicity in Hollywood.

How to support the person who is coming out of the closet?

As a ‘Straight but not Narrow’ Genuine Sasquatch – I honestly believe that a straight person cannot be gay anymore than a gay person can become straight. That said, it is not a choice to be one or the other, it just is! Continue to be whatever (whoever) you were before they ‘came out’. Nothing has changed except that they have chosen to be themselves, to be who they really are and to be honest with all about themselves. None of us should be judging another. We all have our own differences, whether shared or not.

Support is the prime basic for the person who is coming out of the closet. What people really need is support, regardless of their position, but homosexuality is still in its infancy in regards to human evolution, I think; 50 years in the future people might be more accepting of homosexuals, but currently, there is still a lot of pressure on people that want to openly admit they are homosexual.

Supporting a friend or family member means being one hundred percent selfless. Regardless of what you may feel or believe, this person who needs you is still the same person you knew before they told you their sexuality. The person they are to you and who they are inside hasn’t changed.

I think the best way to support them is to not change how you treat them. Make sure to invite them to any functions you would have normally, and, most importantly, invite them to bring a date. That demonstrates that you accept them as you would any friend or family member.

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