Ella Rose Riehle – A girl Born on 8/9/10 At 11:12

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In Ohio, Terri Riehle gave birth to a little cute baby, named as Ella Rose Riehle on incredible time. Ella is special for her parents and everyone because she born on August 9, 2010 at 11:12 that create the series 8/9/10; 11:12.

Terri Riehle was arrived at Christ Hospital, Wide Oak, Cincinnati on 8/9/10 to be induced. Doctor Peggy Heis was the noted the special date, she even jokingly said that “would’nt it be awesome to have the baby come out at 11:12” and there it was.

Nearly completing the day at the hospital, mom Terri Riehle delivered the baby right on time 11:12 and Father Scott Riehle at the time was telling it to her mom “Look look here she is”. Baby Ella was born at the perfect timing and to make matters even more surprising her weight was 6 pounds, 7 ounces. Ella Rose Riehle almost took the numbers game a bit further. She expected something great to occur but never imagined that her baby would become famous.

Terri Riehle was so happy and she said, “I’m like ‘Oh, easy! I won’t get my kid’s birthdays mixed up. 8/9/10. It’ll be easy to remember, good to go!

But her doctor, Dr. Peggy Heis, noticed another interesting possibility. She said, “And then just joking, I said, ‘Wouldn’t that be fun if happened at 11:12?

But 11:12 a.m. came and went without a baby. Ella’s father Scott Riehle said, “Everybody was making bets and guesses on when she was going to come out.

Just before 11 p.m., the labor started getting more intense for Terri. Heis said, “I looked up and it was a quarter till 11 and I said to mom, ‘Do you want to wait?

Riehle said, “And I’m like ‘Let’s just get this over with NOW!” The minutes ticked by, but despite Riehle’s pushing, the baby wasn’t coming out quickly.

Heis said, “And the heart rate was going down. And I said, ‘You have to push now. You have to get his baby out.”

Scott Riehle said, “I looked at my mother-in-law right as the baby was coming out and I tapped her and I started pointing at the clock, like ‘Look, Look!”

And baby popped out and I look at the clock and there it was, 11:12. So some things are just meant to be,” Heis said.

She was set on that time. She wanted to be unforgettable,” Terri Riehle said.

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