Bikini Bridge is new sensation of 2014: Check Hot Photos

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Do you know about Bikini Bridge, a new hot sensational internet trend? It’s a new thigh gap. Know more about it along with some of the hot pictures of this new trend.

The main advantage of internet is that it helps in getting access to information at a very rapid speed. Internet directly or indirectly affects our life in some manner. Everyday internet is flooded with sometime interesting, sometime crazy and sometime depressing trends. Bikini Bridge is one of the hot trends on the internet. Earlier it was a hoax, but now it is real. This type of obsession starts on the set of 2014. Bikini Bridge is a space between a bikini and her pelvic bones. This bikini bridge trend gets popularity among many social networks. An unspecified user of 4chan website starts this hot trend, in which he created this trend and gets promoted among the other users. This way, it gets viral on the internet.

Young girls and women are more likely to be affected by this trend. This bridge has grabbed the attention of more people. There are pictures of girls showing their bikini bridge and possible showing off, in order to get more attention from boys.

With this new bizarre trend, twitter and other social media is flooded with lots of comments. This may also results in killing self confidence among women as these pictures are uploaded on the internet with some fancy description. This trend influences many women opting for unhealthy things like a thin supermodel, thereby promoting the sad competition. It creates a way to feel shame for each other as some men and women are too thin or too fat to achieve bridge gap.

Following are some of the hot photos of Bikini Bridge:

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