Best Answers of What will you do when you find that you will die in 1 hour?

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How would you react and what would you do if you come to know that you’re gonna die in one hour? Here are some interesting responses.

Death is the only certain thing in human life, but when, how and where it will happen is totally uncertain. You never know when death will hit you and take your life away. Just imagine you suddenly found that you had only one more hour to live! What would you do? Of course, the thought of leaving your loved ones forever is extremely overwhelming and scary. However, you would not waste those precious 60 minutes feeling sorry for yourself. Instead, you’d probably love to spend the remaining few minutes of your life in doing things that really matter. Given below are few such things people wish to do in one hour before dying. Have a look.

What will you do when you find that you will die in 1 hour

Spend the time with family at home without letting them know about the death.

Share all the good moments of life with family and loved ones while talking, laughing and eating together.

Take a family picture where everyone is happy.

Record a video message for family telling how much I love them. Also, would ask them to move on their lives without wasting time grieving, as I will be happy and at peace wherever I am.

Call up best friends who stood beside me in best and worst of times. And say thank you for all those wonderful moments shared with them.

Call or text everyone I care about.

Apologize and say sorry to all those who I have hurt.

Leave a message for that special person I never confessed my feeling to.

Enjoy an extra large pizza and an Ice cold cake for one last time.

Go to the Mercedes showroom, ask for a test drive of the most luxurious car over there, and enjoy the ride!

Order online gifts for my family, friends and relatives.

Make a complete list of all my important ids & passwords, bank accounts, savings, insurances, stocks and other investments, and keep it in safe place where my family would be able to find it.

Deactivate all my email and social networking accounts. I do not want my inbox to be filled with sympathy messages, especially from those who never bothered to say even a ‘hi’ when I was alive.

Go to the nearest hospital and ask them to make surgical preparation for organ donation. I want every single part of my body to be donated to the ones less fortunate.

Pray and thank God for the good life I’ve had.

Play my favorite song, lie down in peace and revive the most memorable & happiest moments of life.

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