Nirbhaya Fashion Shoot Album Stirs Controversy in India

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A fashion photoshoot titled ‘The Wrong Turn’ has left social media fuming due to its striking resemblance to the Nirbhaya incident!

A few days back, a Mumbai-based fashion photographer Raj Shetye added an album of photographs titled ‘The Wrong Turn’ to his Behance portfolio. The photoshoot which depicted a woman being manhandled by couple of men inside a bus led to a lot of outrage on social media with people alleging that it resembled the fatal Nirbhaya gang-rape case. Following severe criticism and angry reactions from people all over the nation, the photographer took down the album from his official page. However, the photographs are still being circulated and published online by several other media sites, including Buzzfeed.

Nirbhaya rape based The Wrong Turn Photoshoot picture

It’s very clear from the pictures that Photographer Raj Shetye’s editorial shoot has chilling similarities to the Delhi gang rape case in which a 23 years old student was brutally raped by five men on a moving bus. In one of the pictures of the photoshoot, a distressed woman in high-end clothing is shown struggling between two men – one holding her down and the other bending over her leg in an aggressive posture. Similarly, in other pictures she is seen surrounded by some scantily clad males. And the worst part, these photos were tagged with words like ‘sexy’, ‘hot’, ‘greed’, ‘kidnap’, ‘love’ and ‘gay’. This infuriated the public even more.

Despite the obvious situational similarities, the photographer denied that his photoshoot had anything to do with Nirbhaya case. He claimed that any similarity between the photoshoot and incidents of 16 December, 2012 is merely a coincidence. He also clarified that by depicting models in high-end fashion garments, he just wanted to show that the horrifying act like rape can happen to any women, no matter which class she belongs to.

But of course, Raj Shetye’s work did not gone down well with people. Ever since the album was posted online, it has been slammed on social media for ‘glamorizing’ rape and sexual assault. Many have described it as extremely insensitive and sickening. The National Commission of Women has even demanded some strict action against the Wrong Turn photoshoot.

Public Reactions to Raj Shetye’s Photo Shoot resembling Nirbhaya incident:

“Did I just see a fashion-spread depicting the Delhi gangrape of Nirbhaya? Disgusting! I hope all associated, die of shame! Insensitive swine! Whoever you are Behance and Jitin, I hope you go to jail for this”

– Music Director Vishal Dadlani

“You think you’ve seen everything. A Nirbhaya-themed fashion shoot. Wow. PUKE!”

– Fashion designer Nachiket Barve

“Whoever you are Behance and Jitin, I hope you go to jail for this. @jitin0804 & @Behance u bastards . bloody shame on u rascals.”

– Ankit Mahajan

“No dearth of morons, a fashion photo shoot ‘inspired’ by the Nirbhaya gang rape.How seriously we take rape & human dignity in this country.”

– Gayatri

“They designed a fashion photo shoot along the Nirbhaya case. Extremely insensitive & sickening.”

– Deepa Kumar

“Photographer: Hey guys, I don’t think anyone paid attention to the Nirbhaya case. Let’s do a photo shoot and glamourize the whole thing!”

– Agartha Dinakaran

“Rape is not inspiration for a fashion shoot.I don’t know what the photographer was thinking doing an editorial shoot inspired by ‘Nirbhaya’”

– Amrita Puri

“R we now glamorizing rape by doing a photo shoot inspired by Nirbhaya? disgusting. INSENSITIVE AND gutless..”

– Depak .cN

“I don’t need models and diffusers and Photoshop to make me remember New Delhi’s #nirbhaya gang rape. Nobody does.”

– Samantha Escobar

“There’s nothing wrong with using art to shed light on the ills of society, including VAW. But this nirbhaya shoot was NOT the way to do it”

– Vaidehi Joshi

“Nirbhaya rape inspired fashion shoot?! What?!A new low in intellect levels. Find the moron & slap him. Disgusting”

– Akancha Srivastava

“The Nirbhaya inspired shoot is irresponsible and insensitive. Ugly abuse of power and art by the idiot photographer.”


“Glamorising an act of rape nirbhaya .so some people actually think its cool to do this ! Didn’t the model even think once ???”

– tejaswini kolhapure

“A Nirbhaya-inspired fashion shoot, themed: “Gangrape in a bus.” CAN YOU BE MORE INSANE?? UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!”

– Aarti Madan

Controversial Images from The Wrong Turn photo shoot:

The Controversial Nirbhaya inspired photo
Photoshoot inspired by Nirbhaya
Raj Shetye Wrong Turn Photoshoot
Nirbhaya inspired Photo captured by Raj Shetye
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