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Yesterday it was announced by Abbott Laboratories, the producer Similac baby formula that it is voluntarily recalling particular Similac-brand, powder infant formulas. The cause for this recall is that the certain containers and cans of infant formula may contain small insect parts and beetle larvae. The recall is only possible in the U.S., Puerto Rico, Guam and some countries in the Caribbean. Certain Similac powder product lines that come in 8-ounce, 12.4-ounce, and 12.9-ounce cans are included in the recall while Abbott liquid formula is not a part of the recall.

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There is “no immediate health risk” associated with the beetle contamination, although “there is a possibility that infants who consume formula containing the beetles or their larvae, could experience symptoms of gastrointestinal discomfort and refusal to eat as a result of small insect parts irritating the GI tract,” according to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The company advised that “If these symptoms persist for more than a few days, a physician should be consulted.

Products affected by this recall should be returned to Abbott. There is no cost to the customer. To find out if any of the products in their possession are affected by the recall, the customers can visit the official website of Similac and type in the lot number listed on their Similac infant formula container or call at (800) 986-8850. Due to the volume of visitors the Similac web site loads very slowly. The executive vice president of Abbott Nutrition, Holger Liepmann said, “Abbott understands that parents expect to feed their children only the highest quality product. We are taking this action so that parents know that the infant formula products they provide unquestionably meet the highest quality standards for which they are known. We regret any inconvenience this situation poses to parents and consumers.”

Immediately the company shut the area down and began the investigation into the matter. The investigation is just coming to its end now, but the company said that it became clear early in the investigation that they were going to have to recall all of the formula that came through that section of their warehouse. The financial impact of the recall will be important for the company, since they have reported that they expect a financial impact of about $100 million. As such, the stock of the company is down $.16 a share.

Abbott Labs recalls Similac baby formula video from youtube:


  1. Rudy says:

    Though there is a recall, providing the correct codes on the bottom the the cans would be more helpful to all those who purchase you products. This would help more than just putting the oz out. It would help determine whether a infant takes the powder or not? Look at this from the parents view point if they wanted to stop asap. They just will stop at the oz you provided.

  2. juno says:

    can you please tell me wat are the similac recall lot numbers that are included in similac formula recall 2010.

  3. rita says:

    I was lucky enough to get thru earlier on Similac’s web site and check my 3 plastic containers all of which have been recalled and have different lot numbers then listed above.

  4. bina says:

    Both of my containers are recalled. They are the 2.12lb size and 1.45lb size. That is different than the sizes listed on the website and their lot numbers are different than what is listed above. Go to the website with your containers and check yourself.

  5. kreena says:

    I went to my local Walmart IMMEDIATELY to get Gerber good start for my 2 month old twins and to my surprise, walmarts shelves were FULLY stocked of all Similac and NO ONE that I mentioned the recall to had ANY idea about it!!!!!!!!!! They acted as if it were no big deal. I go through about 23 cans a month with my twins and Just last week I had to get them on reflux medicine. There is NO telling how long the bugs have gone unnoticed in the plant!!! This IS unacceptable!!!

  6. gautam says:

    So the world is really coming to this???
    Beetles in our children’s formula? Perhaps I should pray to win the lottery and monopolize the world’s QUALITY ASSURANCE agencies to make sure stuff like this never goes wrong. We have enough to worry about and now, we have to be cautious of what we feed our infants…NOT TOO HAPPY SIMILAC!!!!!!

  7. vixa says:

    I was trying for hours to get recall information and finally got threw. my similac is 2.12oz and is recalled numbers are 91488T20 and 91577T20 I was told all the T2 are recalled. I’m upset cause the similac that I have was bought the end of Aug its a month later and they finally said something. I was wondering why my baby went #2 like 6 times a day. That really upsets me.

  8. vijay says:

    i am so angry as well that there was such poor quality assurance. my daughter had diarrhea and fever for a few weeks. it happened during the week of the egg recall so i had her tested for salmonella…which was negative. i wonder if it was the similac. unfortunately, she finished the can and we threw away the empty can a couple of weeks ago!

  9. ram says:

    It is unfortunate that this happened, but some of you people are ridiculous. THIS is an accident. Similac is doing what it can to reverse this problem and do what is best for their customers. I am 100% POSITIVE that the people of Similac would never do anything willingly to hurt anyones infants. So you people contacting your lawyers and saying that this is ridiculous should calm down. I am sure accidents have happened to you, or are you perfect?

  10. deepa says:

    accidents do happen but it is a big deal to just have to switch your babys formula… the upset tummys and all it took trying 4 diff kinds to find one for my baby and now i have to change it and when i find one im not changing back to similac its too much change on her little tummy…

  11. jackie says:

    I am very upset. My daughter whose 3 1/2 months old has been sick for the past 3 weeks or so. Shes been having emesis, diarrhea, very gaggy and just not herself. I attributed this to her having a virus of some sort. I have been medicating my baby with motrin, tylenol, and mylicon drops to no avail… Im am so mad! How did this happen and why werent we informed sooner about our children ingesting bugs. I think this is definitely a class action lawsuit. Our poor babies should not have had to suffer for so long…. Someone at Abbott should be held responsible!

  12. hallie says:

    I called after finding my formula recalled. They said take it to the store and they will issue u a refund or exchange if they would not than abbott would. mine infected were…
    89246T21, 90374T20, 90398T20.. I would check ALL Online before even using them!

  13. jeni says:

    Dear questionable,
    I am sure this was an accident but that doesnt mean someone should not be held responsible? When one accidently hits anothers vehicle, does personal damage to anothers property that are held accountable for what they did. Obviously you do not have a child affected or you would have discussed it. If this doesnt directly affect you, you should keep your comments to yourself. Us moms and dads do have a right to be upset about this.

  14. trisha says:

    I am not saying for sure that she did, but we have had this problem for about a month now and nothing in her diet has changed, she was tested for e.coli and things like that and the tests were all negative. my child was a pro pooper and now it has all changed in the last month, she has so much loose poopies that she is loosing weight!

  15. akki says:

    What bother me is there is Larvae in these formulas. Meaning that these bugs are actually reproducing at the Similac plant. Imagine how long they have been around before ebing found!

  16. andrea says:

    I just learned about the recall at 2:30 am, checked both containers (including one that is about 3/4 gone!) and found they were both recalled. Not happy that I had to run to the grocery store in the middle of the night (switching to Enfamil now!), but glad I heard about this before I fed him anymore of it. I wouldn’t have even known about this if it wasn’t for a friend’s link on facebook. They should have a better way of letting us moms know when something like this happens! My son has been spitting up horribly for a few days now, which he pretty much grew out of til now…and it started the day I opened that container!

    My recalled containers (Similac Sensitive) are:

    Best wishes to all moms out there dealing with this, and hopefully everyone’s babies are feeling ok!

  17. dino says:

    I spoke with someone from abbott a few minutes ago. My lot number is 77169T2 and has been recalled. I am so upset. I started this can a couple of days ago, and I could not figure out why my baby has been fussy and has had diarrhea. And before you breast feeding hater moms have anything to say, I can not breast feed my baby, so if she doesn’t get her formula, she starves. All T2 cans are recalled from what I gathered. Get something different. I can say for sure that I will never buy similac again. In fact my ped Md says if she has diarrhea again to bring her to the ER.

  18. asha says:

    My grandson is 2 weeks old. He was put on similac 8 days ago. Doctor changed him to Enfamil yesterday. He has been screaming in pain for four days now. She thought it was acid reflux come to find out tonight the similac he was using is one that is being recalled.

  19. debina says:

    CRAZY! My son is 6 months old and 3 weeks ago I gave him a 6 oz bottle of simlac sensitive and he ate it right before bed…well at 2 am he was shrieking, so i went in and found vomit all over him and he had the dry heaves for a while after. Similac was excellent though, and took the lot # and reimbursed us with a check in the mail a couple weeks later. I bought it at cosco, and they took back the bottle opened and all with no questions :) I WISH i had written down that lot #, I am sure it was affected with the way he reacted.

  20. anom says:

    Qouting Abbott’s Melissa Brotz… “Delivering anything less than the highest quality infant formula is unacceptable to us,” said Brotz. “We will do whatever is necessary to maintain the trust of parents in the coming weeks.”

    Now if only PAMPERS would be HONEST and recall their diapers that are giving babies severe chemical burns!!!!!!! Pampers has no integrity… i will NEVER buy another product from them again! THANK YOU Similac for having integrity and being honest!!

  21. ashley says:

    Qouting Abbott’s Melissa Brotz… “Delivering anything less than the highest quality infant formula is unacceptable to us,” said Brotz. “We will do whatever is necessary to maintain the trust of parents in the coming weeks.”

    Now if only PAMPERS would be HONEST and recall their diapers that are giving babies severe chemical burns!!!!!!! Pampers has no integrity… i will NEVER buy another product from them again! THANK YOU Similac for having integrity and being honest!!

  22. jeemy says:

    Wouldn’t be easier for everyone if they put a list of lot numbers affected on a website. You cannot get through on the number or on the website. When you do, I hear you have to input your lot number and it freezes up. COMMON SENSE PEOPLE. Give the news media the stores and multiple websites the LOT #’s !!!

  23. Michelle Imhoff says:

    Good afternoon,I am writing on behalf of my daughter who was just released from the hospital for abdominal cramping. We went in at 7pm and left at 6am the next morning. It was a night of pure heXX withs and iv, ultrascans, ultrasounds and it all comes down to formula, I believe. To top it off I didn’t hear about this until this evening. Needless to say I was very uncomfortble with the fact that I walked into Walmart to return my two cans of formula that were half empty and were tainted. Going to purchase new formula and sitting on the shelf was the formula that had been recalled at what i heard was announced at three oclock pm. No one there was taking the initiative to pull the formula from the shelf. I am disgusted at this situation. My baby has been sick for over a week. For anyone to have to go through this situation is ridiculous. A night again I will say of ivs, fluids and catheter on a baby is no fun and the fact that of all manufactuering plants, it has to be what we as parents trust baby formula. I am very upset with this announcement and hope that some type of quality inspection would of been done earlier and would be interested to see the quality inspections over the last year.

  24. dazy says:

    Wanted to let people know the syptoms of what i believe is caused from the contaminated formula.. For three weeks my 10 week old has been screaming with what at first we thought was colic. She was then admitted to hospital as she had had diarrhea . She was there for 3 days with dehydration and it took several attempts to get an IV in. They tried everywhere, even her tiny little head. She was much better untill she came home and was back on the powdered formula. The diarrhea and vommiting started a few days later and she was admitted again.. It was so bad the second time she was admitted for 5 days. Due to this she had very high levels of patassium in her body causing cadiac arythmia and had an IV in for days. It took the doctors three hrs with several attempts to put the IV in. Also because of the diarrhea she now has a UTI. She is now having her blood drawn every day to check her patassium levels (which are still high!) For people to say it only causes an upset tummy they are obviously wrong. She is now on a different formula and is doing much better!

  25. kelly says:

    Alimentum is not a part of the recall. My daughter is on it and I was concerned about it. In the article it says, “Products not involved include all Abbott Nutrition liquid ready-to-feed and concentrated infant formulas and all powder and liquid specialty formulas, including Similac Expert Care, Alimentum, Elecare, Similac Expert Care Neosure, Similac Human Milk Fortifier and metabolic formulas for inherited disorders.” She has done very well on it for the past 5-6 months. She was sick for a few months on every formula we tried. She is now 7 months and doing very well. You will most likely see a huge change with it as we did. She was a whole different baby from when she was on Similac Advanced. GOOD LUCK!!

  26. robin says:

    I compelely understand your concern about the problem for I am also a mother of an infant. However I would just like to let you know that I just found out about thirty minutes ago and I know I haven’t see anything about on the news yet either. So I know that Walmart has probably just received the recall notice and are taking action as quickly as possible but don’t assume that just because you know about it means that Walmart knows about it. If you want to be upset with someone be upset with Similac not getting the information out more quickly. As I am an employee of Walmart I know that they can only move as quickly as the company issuing the recall. But I competely understand your concern maybe you should write a letter to Similac about it.

  27. kety says:

    Thats really rude of you. Do you think that you are better than the rest of us because you didn’t have any life threatening emergencies, like HELLP syndrom (look it up, I doubt you know what it is) and can not breast feed because of complications. Why are you even writting on here. You are just making worried and frustrated parents more upset. You shouldn’t even have a kid with an attitude like that. God help your child from becoming like it’s parent.

  28. rina says:

    WOW!! Such misdirected anger at a mom who just stated a simple fact! Direct your anger where it belongs at the formula company and poor manufacturing/quality control practices that allowed this disgusting contamination to occur. Better yet, do some research on the well documented adverse affects of formula on our children’s long term health in this country! Understandedly some people cannot breastfeed or some babies cannot have their mothers milk due to metabolic disorders etc…but there is such a thing as pasteurized donor milk…do your research people! Stop putting your faith in formula companies who put on a great song and dance marketing for a terrible product that has no documented studies to prove formula and its recipe of additives is beneficial or even safe for that matter! And I for one do know what HELLP syndrome is and I am sorry this had such a negative effect on your feeding experience but it doesn’t always for every mom. Everyone has their own lives to live…just know that you are doing the best for your child with what you are given and I pray that no serious injuries occur to any of these children…

  29. ash says:

    Hmmm I guess you find it useless because I give an educated response. I have the consideration to tell the truth that obviously you cannot handle. Breastfeed or not, YES these babies could be in trouble. I am a nurse and see this everyday, formula/medications whatever it is there is a risk involved. YOU are useless if you don’t educate yourself! Please do us all a favor and do not procreate…

  30. sweety says:

    Hey! There is no call for that. There are many women like myself who aren’t able to breast feed. This wasn’t a personal chioce to use formula, but I have no alternative and I know many women are heartbroken that they can’t breast feed either. You can keep your self-righteous comments to yourself

  31. danilelle says:

    the liquid formula hasnt been recalled. try that instead. my daughter is usually fed the powdered formula because it is cheaper in the long run but she takes liquid formula just as well. not saying that all babies do well on liquid, but it’s worth a shot if you’re worried about switching up their formula. i hope this is helpful to some of you. i know you probably dont trust Abbott right now but the FDA did say that it poses no health risk. if you think your child has been affected you can always call your pediatrician.

  32. ahuja says:

    i think is very childish how this mothers here are fighting about whats better formula or breast feedings.we are supposed to be worried about our kids and not about whos feeding their babies what.if it’s either formula or breast feeding our kids are getting well taking care of and are getting feed…All i want to know is if my baby’s milk is infected or not web site or phone is not working

  33. megan says:

    This is absolutely disgusting and disturbing my 5 month old son has been very fussy and uncomfortable for about a week now he recently even stopped sleeping through the night! Now what am I supposed to do I just bought 3 huge containers of formula that equals to damn near 80 dollars! Also how the hell do they know it doesn’t post any major health threats …has anyone ever ingested these beetles ? are there studies on these beetles ? or there effects on humans? We as parents want the absolute best for our children and this is what a formula company does….not on purpose but still babies bodies are fragile the smallest things can damage them. Could this increase the risk of SIDs? I have so many concerns and anger!

  34. maria says:

    Just got off the phone with my local Walmart, since I couldn’t get any information from Similac!… My Walmart has taken ALL of the Similac powders off the shelves. ALL of it. The customer service lady told me that they were told that ALL of the powders are contaminated. Different than what I’ve read Similac is saying, but oh well… Walmart is taking back all Similac powders for merchandise credit, unless you still have a receipt in which case you would get cash.

  35. jimmy says:

    It is awful that this has happened. However, please remember, no one has died because of this and it was a voluntary recall…they didnt have to do it, so maybe, just maybe, everyone should get their heads out of their a## and be thankful that they did the recall, as it wasnt mandatory. But, what am I saying, I am sure that most of you spend all your free time complaining on websites and blogs.

  36. shalin says:

    Is lot number 90658RE6 a recalled one? We get WIC for our little one and Similac is the only formula that is allowed. Wish I could afford Enfamil, it smells better and doesn’t stain as bad as Similac. I feel so bad for all the babies and the parents that are up with them, it is so hard when they can’t tell you what hurts. My little one has been fussy for a few days but she is teething too.

  37. kartik says:

    This situation is so frustrating. I mean, I get it, recalls happen… And I’m grateful that Similac had the decency to recall when they didn’t have to… but give us some information, Similac! I can’t get onto their website, and their customer service line has been busy for hours. I FINALLY got through and then got disconnected… THREE times! I’ve been reading these message boards, but everyone seems to have different information. Is it all plastic containers or just certain lot numbers that are being recalled?? Does anyone know which lot numbers? My container is 91488T20. My baby has been fussy for a few days, and refused to eat tonight. Could be a fluke, could be beetles. Yuck.

  38. Jessica says:

    What is the product code because the phone and the website don’t work this is pretty missed up that nothing is working….I need to know rright now if its been recalld cuz I just got formula yesterday….

  39. dimpy says:

    Just found out about the recall fr a co-worker. Explains why my daughter was throwing up her feedings. This is more than three months ago, because I switched firmula. No more screaming from her due to stomache discomfort. So they had 2 have known for several months now before they decided to alert the consumer.

  40. kourtnie says:

    ok I got some of this that is recalled but what if it was bought through WIC? Does the store give you in store credit to get another kind or are you supposted to take it back to a wic office for different coupons? That’s what I don’t understand?

  41. remmy says:

    I understand how sensitive this topic is, but it seems everyone is forgetting the tragedy that while there are times when breastfeeding is in fact not possible, there are many many babies who could be breastfeed if their mothers where just given sufficient support, maybe education, and – when needed – professional help. So EVERYONE support new families: give them the space they need for the mother to relax and establish her milk supply, don’t make stupid comments about breast feeding in public, and if one of your co-workers is pumping respect that and let her know you understand that it is important. And don’t judge those women who can’t make it work.

  42. zequa says:

    It takes half a second to bring up some PORN but it takes hours to bring up baby food recalls.WTF!!

  43. Similac Team says:

    If you’re having trouble getting through to our Similac recall consumer hotline, we have added a new, additional phone # for you: 888-376-2054. Please give us a call, 24/7. We’d like to hear from you!
    ~Similac Team

  44. Kathleen says:

    Buy Baby’s Only Organic Dairy Formula from Nature’s One. I used it for over a year for my twins and loved it. Plus I love that it is Organic!!!

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