Kareena’s new book on weight loss “Women and the Weight Loss Tamasha”

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Two ‘F’s are more valuable for Kareena Kapoor aka Bebo that is friendship and fitness. In short time, Kareena Kapoor will launch a new book about weight loss on January 15 entitled “Women and the Weight Loss Tamasha”, therefore she will come Mumbai from Switzerland. Kareena’s fitness trainer, Rujuta Diwekar is author of this book.

Women and the Weight Loss Tamasha

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Westland Ltd is publisher of the book. According to Kareena, fitness is food for the soul. Kareena said that she will be ready for all the procedure of upcoming launch of book. A close source of the Kareena informed that she believes healthy body leads to a healthy mind.

Kareena had also launched another fitness related book of the fitness professional, Rujuta Diwekar which is entitled as “Don’t Lose Your Mind Lose Your Weight.” During the launch, Kareena had talked about her trip of fitness and the meaning of eating right and staying fit.

Rujuta Diwekar said, “Kareena has been working round-the-clock on her films and so having her on board for the narration was out of question. But when she casually found out about the audio-book she immediately wanted to narrate her own portion. It will be special to have her handwritten note in each book.

As per the report, Kareena is very excited about her weight loss book and the book will come with Kareena’s handwritten notes. The report also said that an audio version of the book will be available in the pipeline. The book reveals the information about the women and diet as well as weight loss tips. The writer also wrote on the life between teenage and marriage, pregnancy and also detail information of the changes in women during the period from pregnancy to menopause. The audio version of the book will launch in voice of the actress, Kareena in which she discusses about the facing problems of working women on the topic of weight loss and eating the right food.

In the Mumbai, the pre-eminent fitness expert, Rujuta Diwekar works out, she gives practices of Yoga at Rishikesh, ideates at Uttarkashi and in the rest of the Indian Himalayas she treks. She has also been awarded as Nutrition Award 2010 from Asian Institute of Gastroenterology. She wrote her first book “Don’t lose your mind, lose your weight” and sold over two lakhs copies in just 100 weeks after its debut, which is available in 4 languages. With the high sold out copies, its name has been listed in the national best seller lists. Rujuta points out on her four strategies like Nutrition, Exercise, Sleep and Relationships for each of these period and particularly the lifestyle disorders of PCOD, hypothyroid and diabetes in her first book of “Don’t Lose Your Mind Lose Your Weight.

Rujuta works with all age groups people like from students to businessmen, homemakers, celebrities and sports person for their varying fitness levels. Her famed clients are Kareena Kapoor, Karishma Kapoor, Saif Ali khan, Konkona Sen Sharma, Preity Zinta, Amrita Arora and Anil Ambani.

In her ordinary style of the indomitable, Rujuta shows up myths associated with food, hormones and workouts and constrains us to think again about certainty that pregnancy, hypothyroid, menopause, etc. are only possible by the way of losing weight. Thus, she exposes that being healthy, strong and fit throughout life is not difficult as people think.

Kareena Kapoor write in new book ‘Women and The Weight Loss Tamasha,’ “As an actress, who works 18-20 hours a day under gruelling circumstances, shooting all nights; playing and feeling a range of emotions, (sometimes, I have to dance in the rain trying to look beautiful and, above all, trying to stay slim) my stomach makes a call of hunger. And like a good girl, every 2-3 hours I attend to it.

Kareena directs to all women: “to slip in a slice of cheese, some peanuts and an apple in their handbag to take care of the intermittent pangs of hunger.”

About the book:

Introduction: In the first part of the book, there is introduction given in which you will get general information about the book and chapter plan. The components of the book are also specified in the introduction part.

Chapter 1: The first chapter is titled as ‘The Tamasha’ that describes all on weight loss Tamasha.

Chapter 2: ‘A fearless (teen) age’ is second chapter of the book that includes examples of the real life in the looks, the age of misinformation, special about eight, all about Periods missing link of Nutrient Deficiencies, the thing about breasts, Mother – the ultimate enemy. As well as four strategies for being healthy and real life diet analysis for the age of 14 school girl with ‘weight issues’.

Chapter 3: The third chapter of ‘Marriage – Learning to Be’ tells about real life example. The thin, fair, tall and convent educated phenomenon are detailed in this chapter. Additionally, the information on the topic of marriage like: All eggs in one basket, weight loss and gain before marriage and after marriage are also included. Real life diet analysis is also provided for a 24 year old who put on 10kgs one year after marriage as well as 4 strategies.

Chapter 4: ‘Pregnancy and motherhood: The pain, trauma and glory’ is title of the forth chapter which includes the topics on real life example, preparing for pregnancy, diet for life, assuming responsibility after the baby, real life example on a study in unfeasibility, survival, sex, food and sleep. Pregnancy myths and facts, 4 strategies and real life diet analysis for a 34-year old nursing mother of two juggling house and career, etc. subject matter also comprise in the chapter.

Chapter 5: The title of the chapter 5 is ‘Menopause: Coming of age’ wherein you will also get real life example related to this Menopause topic. The nature to the rescue, healthy ovaries – healthy menopause, life after Menopause the 4 strategies, etc subject matter can be find in this chapter. At the age of 65, real life diet analysis for pretty pampered, Punjabi lady is also given.

Chapter 6: The entire chapter 6 is about ‘curses that we bring upon ourselves’. The meaning, functions, curses of Hypothyroid, PCOS/ PCOD and Diabetes are specified under this chapter. Real life diet analysis for a busy 66-year old TC artist and homemaker, a 40-year old taking a break from work and on full time medication and a 39-year old banker staying in London with 3 kids are mentioned in it.

Chapter 7: ‘The four strategies for well-being’ is the title of chapter 7, which provides details of nutrition strategies, exercise strategies, sleep strategies and relationship strategies.

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