How to get a Dubai Government Health Card Easily in Dubai?

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Visit or Dubai government hospitals and issue your health card to get low health service charges at government hospitals on all health emergencies.

Every person who is working in private companies of Dubai has medical insurance for sure. But even after having health insurance, person do not serviced by insurance companies to cover all medical issues. To cover all health crisis of person who is living in Dubai, government has made it mandatory for everyone to have health card. With the help of Dubai government health card, any person can get all kind of health treatment at all government hospital in Dubai with low charges if person has health card.

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About Dubai Health card:

Basically, Dubai government health card acts as a basic insurance that covers all kind of medical emergencies in government hospitals of Dubai. DHA and medical services issues health card and it is available at various government hospital as well as medical centers. Government hospitals that provide emergency services with low charges to health card holder are Latheefa hospital, Rashid Hospital etc.

What are the documents required to complete health card issuing procedure?

If you want to apply for your health card in-person then, get ready with following documents and get ready with the soft copies of all required documents.

  1. Valid passport copy
  2. Valid residence visa copy
  3. Tenancy contract copy
  4. Original passport or emirates id for verification of identity
  5. Two nos. passport size photos with white background
  6. Completed Application Form

How much fees should be paid to issue health card and what is the validity?

Non- Dubai Citizens:

Validity of health card: 1 year


  • 0-9 Years: AED 100
  • 10-17 Years: AED 200
  • 17 Years and Above: AED 300

Dubai Citizens:

Validity of health card: 4 years


  • 0-9 Years: AED 25
  • 10-17 Years: AED 50
  • 18 Years and Above: AED 100

Note: Besides issuing charges, citizen has to pay AED 200 for medical examination

Address and other contact details to complete health card procedure:

Telephone: 800342

Fax: 043113355

E-mail: [email protected]

Working Hours: 24 hours

Service Location:

  • Health card at Dubai Hospital
  • Health card Center at Rashid Hospital
  • Health card at Latifa Hospital

Steps to complete health card issue procedure online:

  • Visit official site of Dubai government
  • Click on the “Health services” tab
  • If you already have your health card and want to take its advantages online, then click on the “User registration” tab and provide user id with password to register online
  • If you are visiting site for first time to issue your health card online, then click on the “Create health card number” tab
  • Provide details like full name, email id, passport, date of birth and other important details
  • After filling all the mandatory fields, click on the “generate now” button to complete health card issuing process

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