FDA: Avoid the generic Therapy of Tamiflu

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Tamiflu is an antiviral drug helps to cure the flu. It is taken orally in capsules or as a suspension. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) had sent the 15 days notice to ten retailers who are purportedly selling the unapproved generic version of tamiflu medicines on internet. These remedies are claiming that they are very effective in the flu treatment but the truth is they are not at all certified by FDA to prevent, cure or treat the flu. A pharmacist and the FDA’s national health fraud coordinator Gary Coody says, “Unapproved antiviral products could be contaminated or counterfeit, In the past we’ve tested products purported to be generic version of Tamiflu and found acetaminophen alone or penicillin derivatives – and those could pose some serious problem.”

FDA: Avoid the generic Therapy of Tamiflu

On the other hand FDA has also warned the consumers that they do not buy these unapproved antiviral medicines. Which is not only the waste of consumers’ money but it will increase the chances of spreading the flu as they think they are protected and expose themselves to flu. In addition, FDA has firmly told to companies to remove specific wordings on their websites which advertise their generic version of tamiflu products.

Mr. Coody said that as the result of this notice of FDA, online retailer Kosher Vitamin Express, has removed their one product named Zahlers Kosher Abreve Advance Cold & Flu Formula. But the sites like, and are still offering the generic version of tamiflu products.

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