Whitney and Roxy Fight Over Fashion on ‘The City’

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Whitney and Roxy had a cat fight at stage of The City over selecting fashion clothes and stylinh.  Roxy tried to get Lights interested in Whitney’s clothes but the singer prefered a different designer. She eventually pulled a Whitney Eve jacket which Lights appeared to like and agreeed to wear on stage.

At the concert Whitney found Roxy backstage and said she was angry at what has happened. Roxy said she couldn’t force Lights to wear things she doesn’t want to. Whitney replied that she’s got nothing out of the night and warns Roxy that Kelly’s going to be furious too.

Any designer would strive to dress the next big artist, so when Whitney Port has the chance to work with an up-and-coming musician on The City she gets some help from pal Roxy Olin to style the look.

But when electro-pop artist Lights doesn’t like Whitney’s designs, the friends have a falling out. “She didn’t want to [wear your clothes],” Roxy tells Whitney in a clip from the show. “There’s nothing I can do.”

It’s girl vs. girl on ‘The City’  (Tue., 10:30PM ET on MTV). Apparently, our glamorous young women are running into a little trouble. Whitney  wants to “style” a hot new rock band, but she feels that Roxy isn’t obeying her every whim. Naturally — this being ‘The City’ — the whole thing inevitably leads to conflict.

The rock band makes a last minute wardrobe change, and Whitney blames her friend. Roxy attempts to explain that the clothes she was given weren’t appropriate, but that’s not going to stop a good fight! The two girls confront each other in the hallway behind the concert, and Whitney starts making empty threats. Specifically, she threatens to get Roxy in trouble with their boss.

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