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Villain, Dubbed version of Maniratnam’s tamil movie Raavanan staring Vikram, Aishwarya Rai, Priyamani etc in lead roles, is all set to hit the screens of Andra Pradesh with 125 Prints in 215 Theaters. Telugu version is also releasing in US Australia and NZ in 25 screens. Reliance big screen and madras talkies releasing this movie.

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Cast: Vikram, Aishwarya Rai, Prithviraj, Karthik Muthuraman, Priyamani , Prabhu, Munna
Director : Mani Ratnam
Music : A. R. Rahman
Writer : Rensil D Silva
Language : Telugu
Releasing date : Jun 18, 2010
Rating : 3.2/5

When it’s a Mani Ratnam film you don’t have to tell in particular about the visuals or the music or the costumes or the ‘thats’ and the ‘thises’. Then again, you just cannot stop thinking about the visuals the film had to offer. They were such a treat that watching the film in mute shouldn’t be a bother. But, what’s new in this film is the touch of the abstract. Whenever Veera is thinking of something, a series of quick cuts from various angles and moods are shown. This is a brilliant reference to the ten headed thought process of Raavana (bak bak baka bak). And also the simplicity and yet a complex aura the screenplay creates.

The only draw back of the film is the unimpressive dialogues and songs. Though versatile writer, the late Veturi penned the songs, none of them are impressive. Likewise, dialogues by Sriramakrishna were also pale and lacked any punch. The dialogues appeared artificial and gives you the feeling of watching a dubbing film.

Aishwarya’s age is shown on her face and body. She is not that gracious looking young lady anymore. She looked like a middle aged woman in this film. Her performance is OK in some scenes and good in parts. Prithviraj’s role is very brief and he lived up to the expectations of the director. Karthik’s role resembles Anjaneya in Ramayana. However, he has nothing to do in this film. His overall show is average. Maniratnam might have roped in Prabhu to do the role of Vikram’s brother keeping Kumbhakarna in his mind. Prabhu is good as usual. Priyamani played a guest role (Surphanaka who triggered the war between Rama and Ravana) and made her presence felt with her top notch performance.

Mani Ratnam’s “Villain” raises questions like – “what happens when hate turns to love.
Though like every other film- “Villain” has its slight flaws and loose ends here and there, but it is negligible.
Villain is chicken soup for the senses.

Technically the film is sound in all aspects but it is the writing and the direction that have turned villains to this Villain. Maniratnam’s fans will be forced to sit through the film due to the respect they have on him but others would simply walk out for relief. Even class audiences cannot relish this pathetic treat, leave alone mass people. It will sure end up as a colossal disaster at the box office. Maniratnam did give some commercial disasters in the past but they were critically acclaimed. This film will not fall in that category too. Raavan (Villain) is a DISASTER in all aspects!

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  1. Syam says:


    I believe this movie is one of the finest efforts in Indian Cinema. This is not the story of Beera[Raavan] or Dev[Ram] or Ragini[Sita], they are representatives of human nature. The focus is not on individuals and there personal history but the journey they make. Ram and raavan happens only in mythology, in reality no one can be categorized in terms of black or white but can be defined only in grey. This Movie exactly is an effort to showcase this aspect of Human Nature. Ram is not portrayed as the epitome of righteousness and raavan is neither portrayed as the canyon of wickedness. Ram and ravan sways between the opposite poles of human nature. Sita’s character shares many common aspect of general public. She at the start of this journey was entirely siding with the views of Ram but once after being with Raavan takes a softer stand towards him and his concerns and towards the end of the movie was even ready to live with him. She is the close witness along with viewer into the life of both Ram and Raavan. She along with the viewer was opinionated about Ram as well as Raavan which they will change later. Movie is not an attempt in covering the individual stories of Ram, Raavan or Sita and if it is viewed as such it won’t make much sense either. Here forest again is metaphor for life.Striking examples of Ram and Raavan can be easily identified in contemporary India. All those naxalite leaders and terrorists are easily categorized by general public is of Raavan’s nature and the our government machinery that opposes them belonging to the stands of Ram. We rarely gets an opportunity to get a glimpse into the life of ram or ravaan as closely as Sita. But the film as a contemporary version of the epic is more lenient towards Raavan because in many an occasion system is very much responsible in the creation of Raavan. Human nature is primarily good and in many occasions its the circumstances that props up the Bad in us. The movie i believe is not very successful in getting across its message to the masses but for the discerning among the audience will be hooked by its central message. As like the any other Mani Ratnam movie the technical aspects of the movie is of high class. Some the shots looks risky that you will ask,how they are made possible. All the actors should be appreciated for the difficulties that they have gone through to make this movie possible.
    This is a must watch movie for anyone aspiring to have a taste of different cinema at least to encourage such efforts and i firmly believe that the movie is an achievement within the limitations of commercial cinema.
    My Rating:- 3.7/5

  2. Siddraju says:

    I didnt like this movie…
    Dabba movie.

  3. Ravinder says:

    Overall Good Movie..

  4. vasant says:

    gud art, gud technical handling! fine cinemetography, sensational musik, tottally pakka technical movie

  5. Kumaran says:

    I think the movie will be nice because the story is like that. If Manirathnam takes a movie, neither the movie will be very great hit(even gets award) nor it will be a great flop…..Is it true only na ???????

  6. pavithra says:

    The songs are so nice.usure poguthu is my favourite song. but the film i don’t no,.

  7. indu says:

    watchd hindi version ravan.This is the first movie that i walked out on interval.needless to say more.

  8. Manojkumar says:

    Even though the story is like Ramayana / Verrappan, Mani makes the audience not to feel as like that. He proves again as a legend by this film. Cinematography is chanceless, I never seen like this in Indian movie.
    About Vikram, he proves that he is the one of the best actor in South Indian movie. He suits to Veera role very much. This shows his hard work.
    A.R. Rahman & Aishwarya participate as a backbone of this victory.
    I am thinking how many National awards can be gathered for this film.

  9. krishna says:

    I made a mistake I went to theater to watch this movie Koooooooooo….Very bad. He is not a Good film maker either. Medias simply exposing him as a great film maker. I dnt like any of his movie. he should to watch film like Pazhassiraja its far better than raavan.

  10. Abhijith says:

    Wow….I saw this movie in both Versions but i really have to say Raavana(Tamil version) is superb when compared to the Hindi Version. Abhishek Could have done Better in Hindi version. Coming back to the Tamil version Vikram’s Acting is mind blowing. Guys Trust me u will really love this movie coz all the Technical Crew members have done an Excellent Job especially Cinematography. This Movie is gonna take Kollywood Industry to the next level..Great Job Mani Ratnam,A.R. Rahman, vikram and Ash…Cheers Raavana ur a Visual Treat

  11. harini says:

    this was a mani sirs movie it was beautiful.
    vikiram done great job
    prithivi look cool
    screenplay is excellant
    i have only one dout . at last aishwarya live with prithivi or not

  12. john says:

    gud movie ,must watch
    excellent handling of the story but not yet reached the standards of manirathnam.
    mass cannot be entertained

  13. jagadish says:

    tamil version of ravan with vikram will be super;i thought as much,when i saw abhishek copying vikram’s acting.
    the film should have been released in tamil first.

  14. Muthukumar says:

    A must watch movie for all movie lovers…. Cinemotography, Dialogue , locations are really amazing and mind blowing….

    You can actually feel the location shown in the movie…. Breeze, waterfalls , rain and stunning climax fight….

    Prithivi has done a excellent job as a Police Officer which in tamil industry is a new one…

    Vikram needn’t comment.. Block buster performance….

    Aishwarya , Priyamani and Prabhu good work really….

    Music extraordinary, and finally bringing all the above and providing a proper mixture … Great Work again maniratnam ….

    A worth watching movie in Tamil Cinema…..

  15. sudarshan says:

    fantastic movie ever n indian history…………..
    hats off 2 mani ratnam…………….

  16. santhosh says:

    Great Acting by Chiyaan vikram,Definitely going to be in the hit list of this year tamil cinema..

  17. Param says:

    What a waste of money. if Mani wants tomake movie for out of India market than shoot it in hollywood but this a modern version of old epic.Pls, dont tell me india is lack of writers for quality movie.Dont watch this crap.

  18. mrhate says:

    Mr.Mani make a trip to Lorong Haji Taib,tonnes of story to be told, at least you can pick one for your next production.This is a con job.

  19. neelesh says:

    aish was good in her dirty look and vikram the best of all

  20. rajesh kumar says:

    it’s a supper movie. but u have a patience to sit in the chairs……

  21. Baskar says:

    Very good Movie…

    Ash acting & Dance is Superb

  22. divya says:

    its good pritvi nd vikram looks good

  23. rajan says:

    another star for Manirathnams Crown….

  24. Sujai says:

    Such a riducyulas movieeeeeee. Veeeeeeery Baaaaaad

    please donyt waste money to see this movie

  25. shubham says:

    total waste of money (hindi version) ….. If you are giing for a movie……..
    I respect maniratnam a lot but for this movie he doesn’t deserve any award…..

    A.R.Rehman might get an award for his contribution to this movie…….

    Though its a treat for the eyes…..its a good discovery channel show or a video to promote western ghats tourism…..
    Aish looks old…abhishek is at his worst… part are govinda and ravi kishan……

    Priyamani is good… Much better than aish both look wise and performance wise …

    I have seen vikram in (aanniyan)…comoared to that his performance in this movie is nothing

    Some songs are good especially ranjha ranjha…….but dance steps are ridiculous…..

  26. riya says:

    who is priyamani’s lover in raavanan?

  27. Shilpa says:

    I watched tamil version of the movie. No courage to watch Hindi version thinking of Abhishek ! :)) I’m damn sure Abhishek ca never perform like Vikram.

    Manirathnam has directed really well.
    oh my god !! Vikram is too good and also Ash, Prabhu, Prithvi, Priyamani.
    Mani has extracted talent from each n every actor.

    Hats off to Manirathnam for giving such a wonderful movie.

  28. Akhil says:

    When the standard of a typical Indian movie (irrespective of language) used to be quite pathetic (in mid 80s/90s), Maniratnam was a breath of fresh air with his highly stylized dramas (Nayagan, Agni Nakshtram etc) that held great appeal to the frustrated Indian middle classes looking for something more reasonable. At the core, they were the same old shitty stories but the treatment was superb. Unfortunately Mani seems to be still stuck in the same mold. Ravan/Villan is essentially a series of beautiful post cards akin to watching a great album on flickr. Nothing more!!. Mani is at his pretentious best (I am sure enough people will fall for that) and ARR’s music is sub-standard to say the least, particularly the background score. BGM is chaotic, confused and looks like he went back and forth desperately, but couldn’t come up with anything worthwhile. One would wonder what Maestro Ilayaraja would have been inspired to do given the outstanding visuals. ARR is overhyped, and looks like he is not being able to live up to the boy genius image prematurely thrust upon him…All in all, Ravan is the usual pretentious effort from Maniratnam… He needs to learn from some of the new crop of outstanding directors from Bollywood such as Vishal Bharadwaj. 10 years ago, quality movies were from the south (particularly Tamil). Now Bollywood has taken over and there have been some amazing Hindi movies off late……..

  29. saravanan says:

    Excellent movie and must watch…

  30. anjalykv says:

    Tamil version is excellent……….
    Vikram rockzzz…….
    Abishek cant come near vikram……..
    excellent cinematography…..
    we can feel the rain and climate….
    i haven’t seen the Athirapilly water falls that much beautifully in any other muvi………
    ash look old……
    Priyamani has also done a very good job…

  31. joa says:

    one of the best movie i saw in my life……

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