VH1 listed 100 Greatest Artists Of All Time

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VH1 is hosting 4-night special that is bound to become another addictive countdown special: VH1’s 100 Greatest Artists of All Time that features the greatest artists and musicians of all time.

The list is prepared by musicians and music experts of whom many will appear on the show. If you will organize a slew of beloved musical artists, list them in order of “greatness” right up to the very “greatest.” Jim Shearer is he host of VH1’s “Top 20 Video Countdown,” and will also feature some of the greatest musicians of all time. Over 200 artists voted including Alicia Keys, Diddy, Ozzy Osbourne and Carrie Underwood, as well as members of U2, the Police, Metallica and Aerosmith.

With back-to-back episodes at 10/9c and 11/10c starting from Monday September 6, VH1 will count down its 100 Greatest Artists of All Time from whom the five-part countdown will continue every day at 10/9c through Thursday, Sept. 10.

‘The Greatest’ is a VH1 series. In its each episode count down, either celebrities of a particular category or songs, albums, music videos, moments, musicians is included.

Kanye West, Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears or Lady Gaga, these all are not in list. Some other today’s artists made the cut. Beyonce is number 52. Eminem is 79 and Alicia Keys makes it at number 100. The remained are filled with the usual suspects.

The list of main includes: The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Michael Jackson, Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, Prince, Elvis, James Brown and Stevie Wonder. VH1 has revealed the Top 5 (although their specific ranking will remain a secret until the final show airs). In alphabetical order, the list of the Top 5 is as under,

1. The Beatles

2. Bob Dylan

3. Michael Jackson

4. Led Zeppelin

5. Rolling Stones

Check out the actual rankings of the other 95 artists on the list below,

6. Jimi Hendrix
7. Prince
8. Elvis Presley
9. James Brown
10. Stevie Wonder
11. Bob Marley
12. David Bowie
13. The Who
14. Nirvana
15. The Beach Boys
16. Madonna
17. Queen
18. Pink Floyd
19. U2
20. Marvin Gaye
21. Bruce Springsteen
22. The Clash
23. AC/DC
24. The Velvet Underground
25. Chuck Berry
26. Neil Young
27. Aretha Franklin
28. Elton John
29. Radiohead
30. Aerosmith
31. John Lennon
32. Black Sabbath
33. Guns N’ Roses
34. Tina Turner
35. Johnny Cash
36. Paul McCartney
37. Fleetwood Mac
38. Sly & The Family Stone
39. The Kinks
40. The Police
41. Van Halen
42. Metallica
43. Ray Charles
44. Joni Mitchell
45. Al Green
46. Ramones
47. Jay-Z
48. Rage Against the Machine
49. Parliament-Funkadelic
50. Sade
51. Billy Joel
52. Beyonce
53. Little Richard
54. Public Enemy
55. Peter Gabriel
56. KISS
57. Iggy & the Stooges
58. Cheap Trick
59. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
60. Whitney Houston
61. Cream
62. Genesis
63. Notorious B.I.G.
64. Talking Heads
65. The Doors
66. Justin Timberlake
67. Coldplay
68. Otis Redding
69. Tupac Shakur
70. Def Leppard
71. R.E.M.
72. Janis Joplin
73. Van Morrison
74. The Cure
75. Rush
76. Run-DMC
77. Lynyrd Skynyrd
78. Judas Priest
79. Eminem
80. Mary J. Blige
81. ABBA
82. Steely Dan
83. Earth Wind and Fire
84. Curtis Mayfield
85. The Band
86. N.W.A.
87. George Michael
88. Bee Gees
89. Beastie Boys
90. Elvis Costello
91. Green Day
92. LL Cool J
93. Pearl Jam
94. Mariah Carey
95. OutKast
96. Journey
97. Pretenders
98. Depeche Mode
99. Hall & Oates
100. Alicia Keys


  1. Keith says:

    Where are The Eagles and CCR???

  2. kalmanizer says:

    Where is Johnny Cash, Garth Brooks, Shania Twain, and Faith Hill?? EVEN us New Yorkers heard of these Country Music Stars. COuntry Music may NOT be the MOST popular genre but EVEN in Country Music there were some GREATS that crossed over and brought new fans to the genre.

    HECK, even Elvis presley who i thought was one of the Kings of rock is NOT on the list.

    Also what about Country/Rock Group “The Eagles?”

  3. jdb5955 says:

    Bob Dylan sucks.

  4. Timothy says:

    Johnny Cash is # 35…and The Temptations didn’t make the list…Bull Crap I say

  5. waymore music says:

    Uhhhhh Elvis is #8 and Cash is #35
    no Waylon either… :-\ Hmph!

    Ahh well, @ least they listed RUSH!!!

  6. Lawrence says:

    Tupac Shakur 69 B.I.G 63 wow come on Tupac is way better than Biggie Tupac Shakur makes music from the heart he inspires people when you listen to Tupac he makes you sit down and think about what needs to be changed in the world what does B.I.G make you think about having sex?

  7. Emily says:

    Elvis is #8, johnny cash is #35.this was a list voted upon by various artists and music experts, so don’t blame VH1.

  8. #1 SP FAN says:

    WHERE IN THE HELL ARE THE SMASHING PUMPKINS one of the greatest rock bands ever!

  9. Brianna says:

    Seriously….whoever created this list is musically retarded not to have included The Eagles… Ignorance at its best

  10. TIm Chessman says:

    Are the people at VH1 puffin’ the grass, or what? They did NOT actually rank Justin Timberlake over Van Morrison! Justin Timberlake isn’t 1/1ooth of the musician that Van Morrison is and anyone who isn’t catering to the dregs at the bottom of the pop culture cesspool knows this. What about Roy Orbison? Michael Jackson at number three? Please. Are you ranking musical celebrities or real musicians here?

  11. Emily Rozetta says:

    Wow….seriously…What happened to Alice Cooper?? He should be at LEAST in the top 20.

  12. Dimple says:

    So only 1 black artist made it into the top 5, even though it was black artists who invented rock n roll music (chuck berry, little Richard) which people like the Beatles and Rolling stones capitalised on! Go figure

  13. Facepalm says:

    cant they just call it, “the 100 most popular musical acts of the past 50 years,” or something that would be at least somewhat fitting?

    a “100 greatest artists” list where justin timberlake, sade, and coldplay make it, but sam cooke, t-bone walker, hank williams, smokey robinson, simon & garfunkel, muddy waters, etc, fail to even get a mention, is just mindboggling stupidity.

    and god forbid any jazz artist gets on the list. i mean, louis armstrong and duke ellington didnt really have much of an impact, right?

  14. lmat says:

    Nah….Michael Jackson, Beatles, Stones

  15. Rob R says:

    Johnny Cash (35) and Elvis (8) both made the list.

    A little upset to see Chuck Berry (25) and little Richard (53) weren’t higher…heck, all they did was invent rock n’ roll. Not to mention Green Day (91) and Pearl Jam (93) should be way higher. LIke 50 spots higher.

    I guess that’s the problem with these lists, no way to really quantify who should be where. Makes for some good arguments though.

  16. Wes says:

    Jonny cash is #35, Elvis is #8, the Eagles should be on there for sure. What about the MILLIONS of people that followed the Grateful Dead around? They should for sure be on there. This is really a poor list, infact I think number 1 & 2 are the only correctly places artists.

  17. Carlos says:

    Where is Johnny Cash, Lil Wayne, 50cent, Biggie.

  18. Murry says:

    Where’s Todd Rundgren?

  19. peedeenm says:

    Did anyone hear of Roy Orbison? He was kind of good, I mean better than 98% of this list.

  20. Natalie says:


  21. Haha says:

    Hey uhh kalmanizer…can you read cause Elvis is number 8. The stupidity and ignorance of some people amazes me.

  22. Kristen Hollister says:

    Where is Jack White? He is a musical genious!Amazeing guitarist,writes great songs n has 3 awesome bands!I am so disapointed he’s not even on the list:(

  23. Jocelyn says:

    stupid…lol… Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley are both on the list

  24. Greg says:

    The Eagles??? How do they not even rank??? What’s wrong with this picture?!!

  25. charles says:

    three dog night 12 #1 song in a row

  26. SC341 says:

    WOW!!! What an honor for Michael Jackson, he’s finally getting some respect!

    I don’t agree with the rest of the list though. I mean seriously, Justin Timberlake?

  27. debina says:

    I don’t think you can make a top 100 without Pink Floyd and Red Hot Chili Peppers, nowadays.

  28. jagdish says:

    I do not feel jay z is nearly as good as R.E.M., yah he has some good songs spedifically his older works. Lately i feel as though all he talks about is how hes the greatest rapper of all time, litterally in about 90% of his songs he mentions his greatness. What a fucking undeserved ego. He hasn’t for as long as he’s been around sold that many albums. When he cracks a 100 million records sold then we’ll talk. The biggest outrage to me on this entire list is Beyonce and Sade being so high on the list. Beyonce should be like 90, doesnt deserve such a high spot. Coldplay, don’t make me laugh shouldn’t even crack the list. Rage against the machine shouldnt be so high either. Outkast is one of the most succesful rap groups of all time how could they live with themselves making Justin Timberlake over them thats rediculous.Tool should appear on there great band. Wheres Warren Zevon I can’t believe hes no where on there.

  29. Anjali says:

    bob is #2 read the list but these list are all such bs how in the hell can you have cold play why waste my time going thru those that shouldnt be there but where is BOV JOVI. Who picks these songs maybe they should ask DJ’s we know our music we know our artist God knows we could do a much better job

  30. Apichart says:

    I find it disturbing and quite frankly, fucked up that Maynard James Keenan and his brotherhoods of elite musicians, whether it be Tool or A Perfect Circle were missing from the so called “all time greats” list! It’s surprising that artists with such amazing and unique talents could be omitted and overlooked.

  31. brij says:

    Seriously? Why? People have their own views on music. Artists in their own genre are going rank the music they are involved with higher so to have the audacity to call this list the greatest artists of all time is a fucking joke. Stick to ranking your own music and don’t give me a list where chamillionare and lil john have an input. plus having coldplay abba and justin timberlake on it doesn’t help

  32. rontyler11 says:

    Oh, I agree completely… I guess I didn’t say it as clearly as I intended. Radiohead are arguably one of the most creative and critically lauded bands of their time. Aerosmith in their heyday were considered a second-rate version of the Rolling Stones, and have basically been a joke for the last twenty-five years or so. All I was saying is that a one-spot difference between the two is practically insulting.

  33. shalin says:

    Lists are useful when they rank the top forty new bands of 2010 or the one with 69 decent bands releasing this year, but this list is completely unnecessary. I liked stereogum because they focussed on many artists I thoroughly enjoy, and did not have useless garbage swarming their cite. I can’t agree more with the comment by iwalrus, stating simply “why”. Stereogum doesn’t need to reissue everything pitchfork and vh1 and rollingstone do; there are reasons to visit all these sites, and I feel stereogum is losing their focus and ruining great tool for staying updated on good music and artists.

  34. dina says:

    The omission of Pink Floyd is truly amazing. And where is Queen? Abba? Pearl Jam? Billy Joel? Scorpions? Journey? Deep Purple? If I had owned Rolling Stone at the time this “Immortals” list was published, heads would have rolled.

  35. brian says:

    Well I dont think any listing can be completely accurate.. i mean you can argue any of the positions on the list.. but the fact that they have MJ in the top 3 is respectable.. its almost impossible to really say who deserves to be #1 let alone even be on such a diverse list.

  36. jack says:

    How is Jay-Z the greatest rapper? MTV conducted a poll, and viewers voted Tupac as the greatest. More people have bought his albums than any other rapper’s in history. Yet, somehow, he gets placed behind Biggie and Jay-Z. The list as a whole, is awful. It has so many flaws. It’s garbage.

  37. dave says:

    WHere is eric clapton, the eagles, ccc, etc.? Seriously they add green day and justin timberlake but can’t add a classic like him? This list sucks.

  38. joelbwest says:

    THE EAGLES maybe???? The Eagles should be somewhere in the top twenty, instead of not even making the cut at all. And since its the top ARTISTs of all time I give the number one spot to Michael.

  39. michael says:

    I know they did not do a lot of albums, but where is Boston. Some of the artists on this list is obsurd. Boston’s first 2 albums were awesome and the first was the fastest selling album of all time, also Brad Delp was the best vocalist of all time other than Elvis.

  40. wow says:

    how didnt kanye make the list? he’s a better artist than jay-z. u gotta remember, kanye also produces a lot of music as well as rapping. and outkast should b higher on that list. outkast is better than run-dmc. yeah run-dmc paved the way, but their music is no where near as great or innovative as outkast’s. and how the hell is justin timberlake so high on the list?

  41. levi says:

    i think that 14 is a good spot for nirvana i mean they only changed the world. but what about justin timberlake seriously. and the eagles arent on this list.

  42. Steve from the D says:

    Anytime anyone does one of these lists, there is going to be controversy. I personally would have liked to see a band like The Animals make this list. That being said the 1st big problem with the list is not including The Eagles. The Eagles have two of the eight best selling albums of all time, (Greatest Hits and Hotel California), with the former being the 2nd best selling album of all time. Now I am not saying they should be number one, or even in the top ten, but not in the top 100, come on. The other is the startling lack of country artists on this list. God knows alot of country is terrible (Conway Twitty anyone?), but when Johnny Cash is the only one in the top 100, there is a problem. Garth Brooks and/or Hank Williams would have made sense on this for obvious reasons. This coming from a dude from the eastside of Detroit.

  43. Lisa says:

    How in the hell did Beyonce even make it on this list…let alone at 52??? Please, she should be WAY WAY down the list. Hell, not even on it!

  44. Aaron says:

    No Eagles or Janet Jackson, but George Michael made the list… Wow…

  45. hjones says:

    Dina, I’m not sure what list you are looking at because most of those bands you mention were not omitted. Pink Floyd is #18, Queen #17, ABBA #81, Pearl Jam #93, Billy Joel #51, Journey #96…

  46. Tom says:

    Where the crap are STYX?!?!?!? They are my favorite band of all time along with Journey!

  47. donkey says:

    I agree a lot of greats were left off. Tool, nine inch nails, smashing pumpkins, red hot chili peppers! However a lot of you need to read closer, the top 5 were left out of order on pupose because they just aired tonight, and you people are complaining about people left off the list, that are in fact on the list!

  48. Jasmin says:

    Bob Dylan ain’t number 2, MJ Is.

  49. ret says:

    How in the blue crap does Jay-z get ranked higher than 2pac. It was offenseive enough he didnt make the top 20..but to get ranked lower than jay-z???? Clearly the people at vh1 dont care about rap much

  50. Brittany says:

    Ugh this lost sucks! Celine Dion should have been on the list. I like Justin Timberlakr but if he was on there then Usher should have been too. Also can’t believe the Temptations wasn’t on there. beyounce and jay z should have been lower! They should not only poll celebrities but also the people. And music sales or something.

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