Tim Hennis case to be featured in 20/20

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Last night, ABC aired Tim Hennis murder case in 20/20 newsmagazine show at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT. The 20/20 show is focused on the mystery of who is really murderer of North Carolina military wife, Kathryn Eastburn and her two young daughters. Tim Hennis is the key suspect of this murder case. Jana Eastburn, a third child of Kathryn was fortunately alone survived after the murder of her mother and sisters.

The tragic murder was happened in 1985, former Air Force Capt. Gary Eastburn was away for 10 weeks of training at Maxwell Air Force base in Alabama that time his wife Kathrynand and his three daughters Jana, Kara and Erin were alone at their home in Fayetteville, N.C. Gary Eastburn communicated with his family through nightly telephone calls. When he could not communicate with his wife for more than two days, he felt that something was wrong. The sound of the crying baby was heard from the house by neighbors then they called the police.


After that when police came they found that Kathryn Eastburn beside her bed as raped and murdered with cutting throat. Her two daughters, Kara and Erin had also been stabbed to death. But someway little Jana had runaway the killer’s reach and so she was survived due to her crib in a room down the hall where she put down almost three days. Then 27-year-old army sergeant and father himself, Tim Hennis was arrested by police because a neighbor said that he saw a man who identified as Hennis , left the Eastburn home at about 3 a.m. A woman said to detectives that she saw a white Chevy Chevette parked near the crime scene which same car Hennis drove.

On ABC’s 20/20 show, the murder case involving Tim Hennis was discussed. Tim Hennis refused for his involvement in the murders, in spite of being found guilty in his first trial because prosecutors said DNA found in sperm left in Eastburn’s body matched Hennis. He also demanded the decision and in his second trial he found as guiltless and set him free. Then he left his job and stayed in Washington.

There are 25 years passed of tragic triple murder case. New evidence reveals that he was criminal. Only one survivor of the massacre, Jana discussed on the ABC’s 20/20 show about the impact the murders had on her life. When the tragedy took place, she was under 2 years old. She confidently said that Tim Hennis is the one guilty for the tragedy.

Jana said, “Just seeing him cry hard enough, then just had to hear all the stuff that has to say because it’s all stuff that we really don’t talk about. It was the first time I’ve really heard a lot of those things come out of his mouth.”

After new evidences, Tim Hennis was described to court that prove he was involved were discovered.

A police psychologist asked to Jana Eastburn, she talked ramblingly about only that she could remember concerning the night in 1985 when her mother and two sisters were murdered in their home. According to notes that taken by a child psychologist who was helping in the investigation, Eastburn said, “Hide from the burglar … he’s going to come get me.”

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