The Whole Truth Spoilers Revealed

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“The Whole Truth” premiered on Wednesday, 22nd September 2010 on ABC at 9PM CST. The new legal procedural show, “The Whole Truth” is the latest of its kind shows on ABC. Jerry Bruckheimer is the producer of the “The Whole Truth”. Tom Donaghy has created it. Tom Donaghy promises that “The Whole Truth” show is very different from the rest of the shows based on legal proceedings. In “The Whole Truth” show, both, the prosecution and the defense are equally important and the decision will be taken by a fictional jury on the case. The concept of “The Whole Truth” is undoubtedly new, interesting and has a lot of promise.

The Whole Truth

“The Whole Truth” cast:

Rob Morrow as Jimmy Nolan
Joely Richardson as Kathryne Peale
Eamonn Walker as Senior ADA Terrence “Edge” Edgecomb
Anthony Ruivivar as Alejo Salazar
Sean Wing as Chad Griffin
Christine Adams as Lena Gaudet

It has to be said that “The Whole Truth” premiere was a dampener of sorts. Rob Marrow and Maura Tierney are stars of the series, both are lawyers of opposing sides and there is unavoidable bombast of energy. Walk-the-talk scenes are in umpteen numbers in “The Whole Truth” series and almost all dialogues are delivered on the move. It has very little conviction due to it is a drama on legal procedures. There is no subtleness and all the points are hammered home. Marrow and Tierney had very little chance to showcase their acting expertise.

Kathryn Peale, character is played by Maura Tierney, is the deeply-intellectual and tough Deputy Bureau Chief in the Manhattn District Attorney’s office. Jimmy Brogan character is played by Rob Morrow. He is a friend of Kathryn for years, and he is the toughest criminal defense attorney in New York. The high concept of “The Whole Truth” is that viewers will see both prosecution and defense of a client and draw their own conclusions, each week. In a subgenre, to find something new by not turning either side of the courtroom into the weekly villain that makes for feels fresh experience. The case rotate around a family man accused of rape and murder in the opening episode.

“The Whole Truth” show seems oddly appropriate due to it is about seeing both sides of the story. The prosecution of the drama will claim that its all style is over substance due to its surface-level manipulation with no real character development and slick editing masquerading as actual storytelling. To entertain for 44 minutes, the defense will counter with the argument that it’s not intending to be a grand statement on anything. The style is the substance due to it’s breakneck pace and excellent performances make it perfect hump day entertainment.

People will keep guessing about the guilt or innocence of the accused until the final scene in “The Whole Truth” (ABC TV show). The sparring and maneuvering, both in and out of the courtroom will keep people fascinated. The first case is preposterous, especially an illogical and manipulative final scene designed that are just to get audiences talking the next morning. But people want realism out of a program like “The Whole Truth.” This is not a program in which people would work by attempting to deepen its characters. People will watch Bruckheimer shows due to talented stars like Tierney and Morrow, and for the thrill ride, not the realism.

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