The karate kid 2010 movie review

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Harald Zwart directed β€œThe Karate Kid 2010” movie has been released on June 11, 2010 in the United States. The Karate Kid 2010 was remake movie of the 1984 film with the same name. Will smith was producer of the movie. The movie is stared by Jackie Chan, Jaden Smith, and Taraji P. Henson. The karate kid 2010 movie review are mentioned here.

Karate Kid movie 2010

  • Movie name: The Karate Kid
  • Runtime: 2 hours and 20 minutes
  • Genre: Action & Adventure, Drama, Kids & Family
  • Release date: Jun 11, 2010
  • Director: Harald Zwart

Casts of The Karate kid:

  • Jaden Smith as Dre Parker
  • Jackie Chan as Mr. Han
  • Taraji P. Henson as Sherry Parker
  • Wenwen Han as Meiying
  • Rongguang Yu as Master Li
  • Zhenwei Wang as Cheng
  • Zhensu Wu as Meiying’s Dad
  • Zhiheng Wang as Meiying’s Mom
  • Jared Minns as Dre’s Detroit Friend

Story of The Karate Kid 2010:

‘The Karate Kid’ includes 12 years old Dre Parker (Jaden Smith) could have been the most famous kid in Detroit, but his mother’s (Taraji P. Henson) latest career move has grounded him from Detroit to China. Dre instantly falls for his classmate Mei Ying and the emotion is shared. But due to the cultural differences the friendship is not made possible. Dre creates an enemy with the class bully, Cheng. On the land of Kung Fu, Dre not know more karate, but Cheng puts the karate kid on the floor with ease.

Dre has not any friends in a strange land, but protection man Mr. Han (Jackie Chan), who is secretly a master of kung fu. As Han teaches Dre that kung fu is not about punches and parries, but maturity and calm. Then Dre realizes that facing down the bullies will be the fight of his life. Dre will meet them another time during the local kung fu tournament where he should face his fears if he ever wants to walk around unafraid with earn the respect of Mei Ying’s family.

The Karate Kid movie review:

In this movie Dre and his mom leave Detroit for brighter job prospects in Beijing. At that place Dre quickly fights with the local group of thugs who also happen to be kung fu masters. Dre starts up a flashy flirtation with Meiying, who’s spoken for by head baddie Cheng and then he is hiding from these kids every day after school. In the middle during the fight Dre is saved by his apartment building’s reclusive handyman Mr. Han. Then he reluctantly agrees to train Dre for kung fu.

Jaden Smith works well enough as Dre. He get charisma as a youngster but the movie is being interesting to watch when snotty and rambunctious Dre transform into a confident warrior, and the charismatic Smith and expert Chan make a credibly tender and touching surrogate father son relationship. Chan not surprises or under whelm as much as he serves his purpose. Chan clownish behavior is probably the main reason much of Chan’s performance feel a little flat. Equally, the faithfulness with which this film made based on the original begs for a comparison, and for that Chan is not Pat Morita so do not expect him to follow in Morita’s Oscar-nominated shoes.

Wenwen Han plays role as Mei Ying who paint-by-numbers love interest, and although we know that kids are starting their relationships at younger and the younger ages nowadays trying it with 12-year-old children in a kids flick makes it hard to swallow. Rongguang Yu plays role as Master Li. As Dre’s mother Taraji P. Henson stares her role, who is not given nearly the material Randee Heller has to work with an obsessive concern for an ill-placed jacket does not make a character.

Other characters fall a little flat from the infamous rival kung fu instructor who glowers like a Mortal Kombat baddie to the pretty and blank Meiying and Dre’s mom which role played by Oscar nominee Henson. Direct Zwart does well conduct the fighting of the fight scenes and the emotional bond between Dre and Mr. Han.

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