The Hills Finale Question – Is The Hills Fake?

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The Hills series finale broadcasted on Tuesday, and has many fans questioning if The Hills is fake. Is The Hills fake? The Hills is a reality television show of MTV which premiered on May 31, 2006. This is a real story of the personal lives of several people living in Los Angeles, California. Entertainment Weekly ranked The Hills 82nd on their list of The 100 Best Shows of the Last 25 Years, stating that the series was a “New Classic.”On March 27, 2010, the magazine ran a story announcing that the show’s sixth season will be its last, spanning 12 episodes with its final episode airing on July 13, 2010.

Many questions have raised but the ultimate answer to that question (Is The Hills fake?) might not be the one that fans have been looking to hear though. Has the show intentionally filmed scenes that were scripted? Yes, they certainly have. Has The Hills also banked on getting unique and authentic reactions from its cast? The answer to that question is also a yes. The best answer when asking if The Hills is fake is to simply consider this a scripted reality show.

What does the term “scripted reality” show mean? After all it is where characters are told to do something or go somewhere, but their dialogue isn’t completely laid out for them. Yes, it’s still possible that the dialogue for The Hills was also laid out for its actors and actresses, but that might be a secret that producers of the show hold very close to the vest. The Hills finale ended with a scene that might be a tip from producers though, that fans can decide for themselves if what they were seeing was real or fake. In the end, it probably doesn’t really matter what was real and what wasn’t, as long as the fans that were watching the show enjoyed themselves during the ride.

‘The Hills’ star Kristin Cavallari has revealed in a recent interview that the relationships portrayed on the reality series on MTV may not have been exactly real. Though fans of the Kristin-Brody pair might have been disappointed by the revelations, the reality star refused to divulge further details about the show saying that it could hurt the fans who took the show seriously.

It is well known by the fans that Brody Jenner is involved with singer Avril Lavigne in real life. In the finale episode, Kristin Cavallari was seen leaving for an unknown destination in Europe. She says goodbye to all her friends and Brody Jenner and then leaves for the airport in a car. As the camera pans we can see the crew who remained behind the scenes of ‘The Hills‘. In spite of the rumors of the show being scripted fake, the Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt reality became evident when the controversial couple did not tun up for the after show broadcast.

The Hills series finale may be the final chapter of the show, but the personalities that were created on The Hills may live on long after fans get that last glimpse of Kristin Cavallari leaves Brody Jenner standing on the curb as she heads off to the airport.

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