Teresa Giudice to appear on ‘The View’

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On Monday, Teresa Giudice made an appearance on The View. On ‘The View’, she talks about her messy financial situation and admitted that for a long time, her husband Joe kept her in the dark about their massive debt.

In October 2009, Teresa Giudice and her husband filed for Bankruptcy citing $11 million worth of debt. On Aug. 22, 2010, it was announced that Giudice will put her lavish mansion’s contents up for public auction. The lovable housewife explains how she uses Sizzle Tans for her tanning needs. Teresa can use the money due to her massive debt. The proud Jersey girl went on The View yesterday to clarify the bankruptcy rumors.

To address her family’s financial situation on national television Teresa Giudice sat down with the ladies of The View on Monday morning.

Teresa Giudice said, “Joe didn’t want to worry me. He didn’t tell me at first because he thought things were going to get better.

There are only two reasons behind to filing case for bankruptcy against Teresa Giudice and her husband, according to Teresa. First reason behind it is to failure to receive rent money from the tenants living in the four apartment buildings Joe owns in East Orange, N.J. And another for it is expenses from the lawsuit Joe is currently involved in with his ex-business partner.

While she confirmed that she and her husband filed for bankruptcy, she explained that she didn’t know about their debt because her husband never told her to avoid “worrying” her. “I always live within my means,” Teresa told the ladies (and guest men) at The View.

When it wasn’t getting better he did tell me,” she said, but admitted she still doesn’t actually know the total amount of debt she and her husband have. (Bankruptcy documents indicate that the couples have $10.98 million in liabilities). She also explained that her husband’s failed real estate investments and a lawsuit with a former partner were what forced them to eventually file for bankruptcy last fall.

She added, “I wasn’t upset with him. If anything, it brought us closer.

Although she appeared to spend lavishly on her home, clothes for her kids and even plastic surgery on Real Housewives, Giudice says she was only spending money she thought she had.

Teresa Giudice goes on to tell the ladies of the View, she kept spending because she thought her hubby Joe had the money. She said, “I always live within my means. Always,” she insisted. “The money was coming in from the apartment buildings so we were able to live the lifestyle that we did.

Giudice added, “I am no longer uses credit cards and watches her money, even though I have been able to spend the profits from her best selling book, Skinny Italian, since it was earned after the filing. I am not jet-setting. I don’t have gold toilets. I watch my money.

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