Teresa Giudice goes nut over her nephew

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The last night’s episode of A Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion was dominated by Teresa Giudice’s nephew as well as Danielle Staub’s fasten which was some-more mysterious than skirmishing. While Miserly jabs will be featured in ‘Real Housewives of New York reunion’ which left members in tears, tonight’s reunion featured 3 Housewives opposite a “villain” who never let a hair (extension) tumble out of place. As Caroline Manzo put it, a reunion lacked clarifications.

Teresa Giudice nephew

“That snarky demeanor doesn’t work with me. You have been disgrace. You have been disgraceful. Explain that. Explain which to me. We don’t care, insist that.” (Did we ever notice how Caroline tends to repeat herself a bit as well much.) The “Real Housewives of New Jersey” reunion: Zero to crazy in 90 seconds flat. When Danielle asked to Teresa, she liked Jersey Shore, (anyone else excited about this question?) Teresa then let’s loose an attack of insults directed at Danielle — which, as you will see, becomes a pattern throughout the episode — exclaiming: You’re a pig. Look at yourself. You’re disgusting. And, you’re desperate.

Teresa was put off by one of the female cast member’s willingness to jump into bed with a guy she just met. “I’m old school, like, you need to get to know someone, not after a week you sleep with someone, like certain people in this room, but we’re not going to go there right now … Keep asking questions. … Wait, you know what; let’s go back to that one. I think Danielle could relate to them, right Danielle? Because after a week you met Steve, you slept with him in my Shore house, in front of your kids. That was okay, right?”

After that, Danielle asks Teresa “Did we admit your nephew?” Instantly it heats up, upon set and online, as fans took to a net to figure out what just Danielle is removing at. pronounced “We don’t know what she’s articulate about, though we can positively theory what she’s removing at.” Cafemom calls it “extremely confusing”. Buddy TV pronounced of a sell “There is something really unfortunate starting upon at a behind of those cold, passed eyes [of Teresa’s]. We don’t even know what is starting on.”

Teresa’s reply is “Do not mangle up my family!” Why? Explain which to me, Teresa. As Staub exists, Cohen tries to get Teresa to lay down as well as she pushes him. “You improved get her behind here, Andy!” Cohen responds “You’re strong!” Cohen told headlines currently “I should have gotten jeopardy compensate for this” fight. Let’s goal Real Housewives kick WWE Monday Night Raw in a ratings this evening. And what happens subsequent week? Staub says “Somebody will be abashed [in a reunion show] as well as it will not be me. And in a finish [of a reunion show] we will be some-more shocked. And some-more repelled will be about me.”

Video of Teresa Goes Nuts Over Her Nephew from YouTube:

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