Tamil Movie Ananthapurathu Veedu Review

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Ananthapurathu Veedu is a Tamil supernatural thriller movie which hits on theater on 9 July, 2010. It is a story about a secret that is hidden in a house for 23 years and comes live when a family enters into it. Ananthapurathu Veedu is a horror genre film in Tamil. The film stars Nandaa, Chaya Singh and Master Aryan are in major characters. Naga is the director and Shankar is the producer of the movie.

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Ananthapurathu Veedu Movie Wallpaper

Ananthapurathu Veedu Movie Cast and Crew:

Starring: Nandha, Chaya Singh, Ananya
Director: Naga
Language: Tamil
Genre: Drama
Music: Ramesh Krishna
Lyricist: Vairamuthu
Releasing date: July 9, 2010

Naga is popular for his television drama with super natural themes like Marmadesam and Chidambara Ragasiyam. As per Naga, Ananthapurathu Veedu is an extraordinary story on ordinary things that we see in our daily lives. It is not about the regular spooky spirits who are howling for blood, but here the spirits are good natured. The movie revolves around family relations and emotions.

Naga said, ‘I have a special liking for supernatural elements. There is always an urge to take a close at them. Ananthapurathu Veedu is set in Nagercoil and revolves around an ancestral property, where a child comes across a couple of ghosts‘. He also added, ‘But it is not a scary film. It would stress on relationship, family bonding and respecting our elders. Nandha and Chaya Singh play the lead characters while a young boy (Aryan) dons a prominent character.’ Nandha has just been of a successful film ‘Eeram’ has done a great job again in this film. After the ’Vallamai Tharayo’, Chaya Singh is also seen in Tamil.

Snaps of Ananthapurathu Veedu movie:

Ananthapurathu Veedu Movie Review Ananthapurathu Veedu Movie Review Ananthapurathu Veedu Movie Review Ananthapurathu Veedu Movie Review Ananthapurathu Veedu Movie Review

Ananthapurathu Veedu MP3 Songs List:

  • Chithra Vaanam – Karthik, Suchithra
  • Nee Nee – Vineeth, Swetha, Kithika, Aryan
  • Thaaye Enge – Balram
  • Theme Music – Instrumental
  • Title Track – Instrumental
  • Theme Music II – Instrumental
  • Nee Nee (BGM) – Instrumental

Videos of trailor of Ananthapurathu Veedu movie from YouTube:

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