Superman/Batman: Apocalypse gets premiere date for LA & NY

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Superman/Batman: Apocalypse,” the next animated feature from DC/Warner Bros is coming to theatres with the premiere on 21st September in Los Angeles and 23rd September in New York City. Superman Batman Apocalypse is written by Jeph Loeb, while the illustrations are done by Peter Steigerwald and Michael Turner. It is produced by Bruce Timm and directed by Lauren Montgomery. The script has been inspired by the “Gorillas in the Mist” by Tab Murphy.

The story of the movie rotates around the two superheroes fighting off Kal-el and his new partner who is also the relative of Superman. The volatile relationship between Batman and Superman persists and the trailer assures some hardcore superhero action for the comic fans. The story starts with Batman investigating a strange object that has landed on the Gotham Harbor, leading Batman and Superman to encounter a mysterious Kryptonian with powers as great as those of the Man of Steel.


The Kryptonian is soon disclosed to be Kara, cousin of Superman, who takes her under his wing to educate her about the ways of Earth. The villainous Darkseid has other plans. Darkseid kidnaps and gains control of Kara, using the powerful Kryptonian to do his bidding, seeing an opportunity to finally defeat Superman. It’s up to Batman and Superman to save Kara, but they will have to take the fight to Darkseid within his hostile world where unknown, deadly intimidation prowl around every corner, including a brainwashed Kryptonian able to match Superman blow-for-blow.

Actor Tim Daly as Superman and Kevin Conroy as Batman are playing the voice cast for movie. The movie will be accessible in both DVD and Blu-Ray on the stores by September 28, 2010. At the Paley Center in both cities, screenings will be held. Filmmakers and voice cast performers will be present at both events and join post-screening panel discussions. For the general public, limited numbers of free ticket are accessible. For Los Angeles event on September 21 must RSVP by email to [email protected] and for NY event on September 23 must RSVP by email to [email protected] Tickets will be distributed on a first come, first serve basis.

Video of Superman/Batman Apocalypse Official Trailer from youtube:

Video of Superman/Batman: Apocalypse exclusive clip from youtube:

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