Suge Knight was arrested in Los Angeles On Gun Charge

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Fomer CEO of ‘Death Ro’ Records’,  Suge Knight was arrested in Los Angeles early morning for an alleged assault with a deadly weapon.

ABC News is reporting that Marion “Suge” Knight  was pulled by Patrol officers after man called the police stating that Knight had pointed a gun at him.

Suge was also held on a warrant due to a suspended license & being held on $65,000 bond.

He was previously incarcerated for a parole violation 1996 and sentenced to 9 years in prison and released in 2001. He was later arrested for striking a parking lot attendant in 2003 violation his probation once again.

During a news conference moments ago, Cops said Knight was arrested in connection to an alleged crime that occurred shortly before his arrest … but they wouldn’t elaborate further.

Of course, the gossip rag also has information pointing to Knight’s arrest involving assault with a deadly weapon, a firearm to be exact, so expect more about the situation to come to light sooner rather than later.

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