Soulja Boy Twitter Profile has been deleted

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Twist- rapper Soulja Boy is getting dissed on Twitter because twitter has already deleted his profile and as a result rapper (Soulja Boy) gets dissed in a verbal battle rap. When you tring to visit the Soulja Boy Twitter Profile or search in Google for ‘Soulja Boy Twitter’ you will lend to this page “”, which stated ‘Sorry, that page doesn’t exist!’

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Now artists like Soulja Boy and Lil B are using youtube and MySpace to their advantage, overloading the masses with content regularly picked up and promoted by sites such as World Star Hip Hop. Soulja Boy’s video will do 200,000 views minimum, and regularly rack up millions of clicks, largely due to his persistent use of the website and promotion of his content that’s there. It also allows him to remain relevant without rushing to release albums. Lil B has over 100 MySpace pages, to which he uploads 4-5 new songs each. This, combined with his myspace freestyles, have turned him into the internet artist du jour.

So maybe the disses of the Twitterers have forced Soulja Boy off Twitter?  Will it be enough to make him find a new career though?  Take a peak here for a preview of the Twitter dis lines, because there were over 200 new tweets since I put up the link!


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  3. lol at them says:

    ^ groupies that didn’t achieve anything in life than hanging on to famous boys.

  4. whitney booski says:

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  5. christie says:

    i love ur swag

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