SHE Selina Ren suffered 3rd degree burn

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Selina Ren is a member of Taiwan’s pop group S.H.E continued blaze during the shooting of a blast scene for a new TV stage show series in Shanghai, China. The ill-fated incident happened when Selina Jen and Yu Hao Ming were filming a scene for their new TV series “I Have a Date with Spring” on last Friday, 22nd October, 2010, afternoon and at that time explosives turn on sooner than projected. When the mishap took place, the gallant Yu instantaneously threw himself over Selina that caused him to suffer injury more solemn than Selina’s.

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The reports said, in the accident Selina Ren undergoes through third-degree burns to her back, hands and legs, while luckily her face did not endure any burns. Her co-star Yu Haoming’s injury is more severe with 35-40% body surface distress third degree burns and both were admitted to a hospital in Shanghai. Selina’s dad and her fiancé (a legal counsel at a major insurance firm in Taiwan) flew to Shanghai without delay to be by her side. Selina’s SHE partners Hebe and Ella were also informed instantly.

Yu Hao Ming is also a well-liked singer and actor in China. In 2007, he was revealed in the singing competition Superboy and last year he was a member of the Chinese F4 and starred in “Meteor Shower”.

The doctors told that “Selina’s conditions are now stable, She is clear-minded, and she can take in a small amount of food.

Selina’s father Jen Ming-ting said that she is out of hazard and has recoup realization and taken foods. But she need skin transplant surgery and recovery and thanked the doctors, her manager, her partners and to all the fans those who have sent her best wishes.

Selina was taken back to Taipei Songshan Airport on a direct cross-strait flight peof Taiwan’s Trans Asia Airways from Hongqiao Airport in Shanghai, accompanied her father and fiancé.

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