Sara Saco Vertiz talks about her breakup with Bo Wyble

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Sara Saco Vertiz talked about how her boyfriend Bo Wyble dodged a foul ball and it hit Sara at the Houston Astros game on Monday night. Sara Saco-Vertiz and her infamous baseball-dodging boyfriend Bo Wyble broke up their relationship. On Thursday morning, in front of CBS’ The Early Show,’ the Houston Astros fans claim, “It’s not over because of the ball.

Sara Saco Vertiz with her boyfriend Bo Wyble

On Monday, Sara Saco Vertiz attended a quiet Houston Astros baseball game with her lover when he saw a ball coming their way. Indeed “Chivalry is dead” because instead of warning and protecting his lady Bo Wyble ducked out the way, allowing the speeding baseball to hit his girlfriend on the arm.

Saco-Vertiz says getting hit “wasn’t that bad” and compares the pain to 6 out of 10. She’s also surprised by the attention the incident is getting saying she believed the interview she did following being beamed would only be used by the stadium’s jumbo-cam. Instead video of the foul ball incident has been viewed more than a quarter million people in just three days.

Sara Saco-Vertiz told CBS that she wasn’t badly hurt after Wyble let a foul ball off the bat of Astros third baseman Chris Johnson hit her on the elbow.

Host Harry Smith asks Bo, “What went wrong,” saying that most men would get in the way of the ball, rather than let it hit a woman. He schools Bo in the way of protecting a lady.

In the interim, Sara Saco Vertiz say after getting hit at the Astros game, “I told you I was going to get hit!” Now will the couple tell the world about their break up in this video clip? Watch Sara Saco Vertiz and Bo Wyble Foul Ball Break Up video below.

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