Sara Ali wedding – A new Drama in BIg Boss House

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A new drama on a reality show Big Boss House on November 10 which took place is about Sara Khan’s wedding with Ali Merchant.

On the reality show, Bigg Boss 4, television actors Sara Khan and Ali Merchant got married and this special episode aired yesterday on the channel. It is rumored that to get married in Bigg Boss’ house the couple has paid a sum of Rs. 50 lakh.

Sara Ali wedding

Starnews reported that Sara Khan and Ali Merchant got married in a small ceremony a year ago. So, officially yesterday was their first wedding anniversary as the wedding took place accurately a year back on 10th November. Tenure it against Islam, Sara’s father has said that a year back Sara Khan and Ali Merchant got married. To protect their careers they hid it from the press. Sara’s father also restated that it was wrong on the young couple’s part to celebrate as Sara’s grandmother had just passed away and the family was still in sorrow.

Defending her daughter’s marriage inside the Bigg Boss house, Sara’s mother said, “These pictures are from the engagement ceremony at Ali’s place in Mumbai. We were all there.”

So obviously, the two had married last year. Now, the question is if they’re already married then why the drama? Was it for the money they were paid?

The wedding outfits of TV actors Sara Khan and Ali Merchant have been roped by the fashion designer Vikram Phadnis.

More than a year ago there were rumors about Sara Khan and Ali Merchant being married, but the couple always denied it. Suddenly their wedding was declared in the Bigg Boss House and many skilled forecasts that the act was being done for the TRP purpose and nothing else.

Sara Ali wedding - A new Drama in BIg Boss House

The critics think that something special may happen inside the Bigg Boss House as some doubtful acts were done like the re-entry of Sara Khan and the lateral entry of Ali Merchant. Ali Merchant came in the Bigg Boss house and proposed his Girlfriend Sara Khan and told her to marry. Sara Khan astonishingly agreed and responded. The guests, disparate the family members were not permitted inside the house; they could saw the wedding through a projector installed exterior the house.

According to the contestant of Bigg Boss 4 Rahul Bhatt, who was out of the house last week, the Sara-Ali marriage is a complete show off and also told that Sara Khan is having childish and fake character.

Sara Ali wedding - A new Drama in BIg Boss House

So what’s the entire drama on Bigg Boss about? Clearly Sara’s nearness to Ashmit Patel in the initial days of the reality show, after announcing that Ali and she are no more a couple, which impelled Ali to make an entry in the house, and now the big wedding is all pre-planned.

Sakshi Pradhan, an ex-contestant of the Bigg Boss house says that “Although the show is not scripted, the wedding could be for TRPs.”

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