Rick Fox and Eliza Dushku is hot pair for DWTS 11

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Dancing With The Stars is reality dancing show in which celebrities and professional dancers are paired up. One of the hottest pairs in the DWTS 11 is Rick Fox and Eliza Dushku. Rick Fox is the former NBA champion, teams up with two-time champ Cheryl Burke, who is back for her tenth season. Eliza Dushku is girlfriend of Rick Fox whom he is dating. She helped him to prepare for the premiere of “Dancing with the Stars” Season 11.

Recently, Rick Fox said to Shaun Robinson of Access Hollywood, “It’s been amazing — talk about a partner that’s made sure that my body’s on track to be prepared for September 20.” He talked about how actress Eliza Dushku attended announcement of the Season 11 cast on Monday night in Los Angeles. He said, “I’ve been doing exercises that I didn’t know existed – Pilates… [And we’ve been working on] creating flexibility at home.

Both of them are perfect for each other because Eliza Dushku is herself a beautiful and sensuous woman while Rick is tall, dark, handsome guy. Eliza Dushku helps both Fox and his pro partner Cheryl Burke. Fox says he has been introduced by Eliza to Pilates, which must be how she keeps on in such great shape, and obviously it helped him get flexible. The judges of the show appreciated him for his posture and the length in his frame. One of them says that he is very graceful in his dance ‘the Viennese waltz’ and I am sure he will not go home tomorrow!

Referring his height the player said, “I’ve been working on the hip action… my frame and dancing down to my partner, who is obviously not 6’ 7.” Rick Fox is one of the favorite contestants on Dancing with the Stars this season. According to Odds makers for gambling Web sites like, Rick the third-best odds to win the competition after Brandy (first) and Jennifer Grey (second).

As per the sources, Former NBA star Rick Fox and Dollhouse actress Eliza Dushku is currently dating with each other. They both work out and travel together and they keep talking. The pair admits they “love” to travel together, “Any opportunity we get, we go,” said Rick, and the couple stay active: “We work out consistently and hike.” According to Star Magazine, The pair has been spotted together all over Miami and Vegas. “They’d been trying to play down their relationship. But there’s no denying that it’s hot and heavy. She’s completely smitten with him, and they have an amazing time together.” In the year 2005, Fox, 39, divorced Williams while Dushku, 28, has previously been linked to Matt Dillon and Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane.

The couple has enjoyed hanging out on the sofa together. “There are certain shows we are big fans of so we like curling up and watching those shows,” At the 10th Annual Harold Pump Foundation Gala in LA, Rick told reporters, “The Bachelorette ended and we don’t know what to do on Monday nights!” chimed in Eliza. What keeps their relationship healthy? “Direct and honest communication,” says Rick. They also hinted at working together on a TV show. “A lot of our energy right now is producing behind the camera. We want to find voices that we want to bring to the forefront,” Rick revealed.

Anything based in the real reality of our life would have to be traveling the world, I’ll say that. That’s about it!” he added. Meanwhile, Eliza has been spending time with Rick’s teenage son. “Kyle is my homeboy! I love that guy! He’s hilarious!” Eliza said. “He is a good kid! He is a great kid! He is smart.” Has he stirred up any maternal feelings? “He is my buddy first and foremost,” Eliza told OK! And Rick added: “It would be hard for you to give birth to Kyle. He’s like my size!” Eliza agreed: “He’s 6’3” at 15!”

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