Rafael Nadal’s Girlfriend Maria Francisca Perello (Xisca)

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Rafael Nadal’s girlfriend was curious topic among Nadal’s friends until the media found him with Maria Francisca Perello. In the past Nadal claimed that he was single but after the apearance of Maria at Nadal’s championship match against Federer, the secret love life of Rafael Nadal came to public.

Rafael Nadal Girlfriend, Maria Francisca Perello, Xisca

Rafael Nadal with his Girlfriend Maria Francisca Perello (Xisca)

Maria Francisca Perello who goes by the name “Xisca” is a 20-year-old college student from his hometown and attends a university in Palma which is Majorca’s capital. Maria and Rafael reportedly met while they were in school in Majorca and this couple have reportedly been dating for three years! But Xisca has attempted to keep a low profile, she “doesn’t want to be a distraction.”

Xisca is becoming more visible, she was spotted at Rafael’s match with Feliciano Lopez during his men’s singles game at the 2010 U.S. Open. And she was also seen at the final match between Rafael and Tomas Berdych at this years Wimbledon.

There is still one question in public mind is that “Is this relation last long? Will it go to marriage?”

Pics of Nadal’s girlfriend Maria Francisca Perello enjoying the action at Wimbledon

Maria Francisca Perello
Maria Francisca Perello
Maria Francisca Perello
Maria Francisca Perello
Maria Francisca Perello


  1. jan jaire says:

    hope and pray to GOD that fafa rafa will stay as the king of clay… and will be 2gther w/ xisca till the end of thier life w/ a dozen of cute kids..

  2. I agree with Jan Jaire’s comment above completely. Rafa and Xisca are a lovely couple; and hopefully they have a loving and wonderful life together forever, with lots of cute kids!

  3. leslie says:

    cute kids??? hell no…drop dead gorgeous kids! God bless them both……

  4. dolly says:

    congratulations to the parents of rafa.kudos to the coach tio tony.vaya con Dios rafal

  5. Debra says:

    How Xisca & Rafa compliment each other, body language ect is like a fairytale story…l wish them both full blown happiness, its obvious that they know what love is & l hope with all my heart they marry have many little rafans & keep us dreaming of what goodness life has. She is so beautiful he deserves her & she loves him & is meant for him without doubt…we see this. Many happy years for them both.

  6. mcoolgirl1 says:

    i am very happy for him!! although young girls hearts will be crushed she is very lucky to have a talented god looking athlete such as rafa nadal. she has herself as they say … a good catch. keep up the good work rafa!! and continuing doing a phenomenal job on and off the court.

  7. pugazh says:

    happy for rafa:):) but fedex rocks!!!!!!!!!!1

  8. kima says:

    xisca es la guapita de tudos las tenistas buena suerte rafa con la mejor novia

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