Pokemon Apocalypse Trailer & Review

Posted by Vinay Sojitra on Sep 22, 2010 | 11 Comments

Pokemon Apocalypse is a live action/adventure . The of the Pokémon Apokélypse starts popping up on the web but the question about its authenticity arises. The production value of the is quite impressive and fan-made gets dark and gritty. See the of Pokémon Apokélypse, a live-action adaptation of the popular / game/inescapable global phenomenon HD version given below and synopsis of the .

Pikachu, the most favorite Pokemon of Ash almost dies in corrupt underground Pokémon fights. Ash’s loved ones have been threatened by Team Rocket with guns. Ash, Brock and Misty are forced into the criminal subculture to continue to train and compete. This kind of real-world danger makes care about the characters in a way the never did. It’s super effective! Shogun Gamer interviewed the makers of the clip, and here’s what they had to say:


COREY ROLLINS: First off, this has exceptional production value for a fan-fiction piece. Was this a side project for fun? Part of a university program?

LEE MAJDOUB: It was a side project we came up with while working on a short film. We were talking about live-action ideas. Kial wanted GTA. I wanted Dragon Ball Z. I think somebody mentioned something about Pokemon and Kial and I made eye contact and ideas just started flowing. Kial wrote a script almost immediately. I read it and sent him back my thoughts, and we did that back and forth for a while. We actually wrote it as a film and filmed full scenes. We wanted to make it as legitimate as possible. Major kudos to Kial for actually taking the first step.

KIAL NATALE: This project really snowballed out of control. For me, it started off as an attempt to make a on par with College Humor’s original content: their parodies are spot on, with amazing production value. Somewhere down the line, however, my long dormant Pokémon fanaticism kicked in and I just wanted it to be more and more. I started adding more scenes and re-working the Pokémon effects: for anyone who thought our CG looks bad now, you should have seen them before!

of Pokémon Apokélypse: Live Action HD from YouTube:

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  1. KOBZ says:

    so wait is this a real movie then
    and if it is
    is it already made

  2. Mikey says:

    Holy crap… This is amazing. Too bad it’s fake D:
    I would go see this thrice over, at least.

  3. ken says:

    is this true? its a very exciting story unlike the anime
    this shows that pokemon can actually get injured or die which is what the anime lacked

  4. connor O'Awesome says:

    Connor is truly Awesome

  5. Jakob says:

    This looks like the shittest movie ever, the acting fails, the special effects fail, the pokemon fail, who would go see this movie anyway the only people who watch/play pokemon are 3.

  6. clumsy says:



  7. Richard Drahcir says:

    This questions been asked, but will there be a whole fanmade movie/series. stuff like this has already been done with There Will Be Brawl, so it’s not completely impossible. and the CG isn’t top of the art, but it’s pretty damn good for some guys who put the video together out of boredom. if it counts for anything, i put my vote towards a series.

  8. Pokemon Fan says:

    to be honest. not all anime/manga can be made into live action movies and pokemon is among them. try making fullmetal alchemist or bleach instead. those two are more realistic. one piece’s as a live action movie is not bad too, provided there’s good quality and sufficient CGI special effects. but for pokemon, i really dun think so…

  9. the super awesome guy whos better than jakob says:

    umm if this a real movie then its gonna be the greatest of all time. at least they are actually making a movie unlike the other anime series. pokemon is the greatest thing to ever be thought of. and i hate you jakob with a passion of a thousand suns.

  10. andrew says:

    someone should take this idea…amp up the cgi…cast it well…as well as taking out the language to cover a larger audience….and it would make an awesome movie…

  11. Timmy Guarino says:

    yeah!! i hate-chu Jakob!! pokemon is tHe graatest ever, dont talk about my pikachu liek that!!!

    ur dumb !!!

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