Pokemon Apocalypse Trailer & Review

Posted by Vinay Sojitra on Sep 22, 2010 | 32 Comments

Pokemon Apocalypse is a live action/adventure movie. The trailer of the Pokémon Apokélypse movie starts popping up on the web but the question about its authenticity arises. The production value of the video is quite impressive and fan-made video gets dark and gritty. See the video of Pokémon Apokélypse, a live-action adaptation of the popular cartoon/video game/inescapable global phenomenon HD version given below and synopsis of the movie.

Pikachu, the most favorite Pokemon of Ash almost dies in corrupt underground Pokémon fights. Ash’s loved ones have been threatened by Team Rocket with guns. Ash, Brock and Misty are forced into the criminal subculture to continue to train and compete. This kind of real-world danger makes care about the characters in a way the cartoon never did. It’s super effective! Shogun Gamer interviewed the makers of the clip, and here’s what they had to say:


COREY ROLLINS: First off, this trailer has exceptional production value for a fan-fiction piece. Was this a side project for fun? Part of a university program?

LEE MAJDOUB: It was a side project we came up with while working on a short film. We were talking about live-action ideas. Kial wanted GTA. I wanted Dragon Ball Z. I think somebody mentioned something about Pokemon and Kial and I made eye contact and ideas just started flowing. Kial wrote a script almost immediately. I read it and sent him back my thoughts, and we did that back and forth for a while. We actually wrote it as a film and filmed full scenes. We wanted to make it as legitimate as possible. Major kudos to Kial for actually taking the first step.

KIAL NATALE: This project really snowballed out of control. For me, it started off as an attempt to make a video on par with College Humor’s original content: their parodies are spot on, with amazing production value. Somewhere down the line, however, my long dormant Pokémon fanaticism kicked in and I just wanted it to be more and more. I started adding more scenes and re-working the Pokémon effects: for anyone who thought our CG looks bad now, you should have seen them before!

Video of Pokémon Apokélypse: Live Action Trailer HD from YouTube:

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  1. KOBZ says:

    so wait is this a real movie then
    and if it is
    is it already made

  2. Mikey says:

    Holy crap… This is amazing. Too bad it’s fake D:
    I would go see this thrice over, at least.

  3. ken says:

    is this true? its a very exciting story unlike the anime
    this shows that pokemon can actually get injured or die which is what the anime lacked

  4. connor O'Awesome says:

    Connor is truly Awesome

  5. Jakob says:

    This looks like the shittest movie ever, the acting fails, the special effects fail, the pokemon fail, who would go see this movie anyway the only people who watch/play pokemon are 3.

  6. clumsy says:



  7. Richard Drahcir says:

    This questions been asked, but will there be a whole fanmade movie/series. stuff like this has already been done with There Will Be Brawl, so it’s not completely impossible. and the CG isn’t top of the art, but it’s pretty damn good for some guys who put the video together out of boredom. if it counts for anything, i put my vote towards a series.

  8. Pokemon Fan says:

    to be honest. not all anime/manga can be made into live action movies and pokemon is among them. try making fullmetal alchemist or bleach instead. those two are more realistic. one piece’s as a live action movie is not bad too, provided there’s good quality and sufficient CGI special effects. but for pokemon, i really dun think so…

  9. the super awesome guy whos better than jakob says:

    umm if this a real movie then its gonna be the greatest of all time. at least they are actually making a movie unlike the other anime series. pokemon is the greatest thing to ever be thought of. and i hate you jakob with a passion of a thousand suns.

  10. andrew says:

    someone should take this idea…amp up the cgi…cast it well…as well as taking out the language to cover a larger audience….and it would make an awesome movie…

  11. yeah!! i hate-chu Jakob!! pokemon is tHe graatest ever, dont talk about my pikachu liek that!!!

    ur dumb !!!

  12. chris says:

    I don’t know if the creators of this trailer will spend any time reading what people on the internet think of their idea, but for what its worth, I think a lot of people my age, who were 8 or 9 when blue and red hit the world, would absolutely have to see this in an awkward, guilty pleasure way. The concept of a pokemon movie that’s entirely not child friendly is astounding, the niche audience wouldn’t be enough to sky rocket you to fame and fortune, but even as a tribeca film or straight to dvd, I’d see it and love it. Despite the darkness overlaid on what is essentially the earliest thing I ever cared about, I feel like you guys would respect your source material and just make it something that 18 to twenty somethings would cherish. Do it.

  13. Christopher-Mark says:

    When iseen this i got so excited!!!!
    i so wish this was a real film it is so good I LOV POKEMON

  14. skyler says:

    make a real one !!!!

  15. JasmineW:) says:

    OMG!!! I would Totally go see it! I found myself waiting to see th’ end so ii could get a glimpse of something that would say itz gonna be a real movie that ii can go and see and even buy just to say ii have it lol. I Loved Watching Pokemon and played with my brother and th’ neighborhood kidz. To th’ person who said this movie would be a fail is a fail bc uve missed out on loving one of th’ Greatest cartoonz made point blank period lol. Who wouldnt go see this?(who lovd it anyway) Pokeball in towe lol. We need something adult to see lol PLEASE MAKE IT SO!! lol.

  16. Dude who thinks Ash is looking at pikachu really odd in the poster says:

    Fink you Jakob, fink you with the power of mewtwo!! I think that this woud be an awesome movie! But since you don’t, you’re a retard. (Sorry kids) On YouTube, they said that they actually had plans for this to be a real movie. I really hope they follow through.

  17. Dragons says:

    Wow, hey I may be 19 but I still play the pokemon games. And Cris I agree with you, I would not watch this movie without a guilty feeling inside… I mean in the anime series and movies, it teaches kids how to make friends and about love, but this actually is teaching crime… I really like how it looks, but not the plot. Do not get me wrong, it is a great looking trailer with a major possibility of becoming a fabulous movie. But if you grew up with pokemon and still live with pokemon, it just makes you think, “Is this really what pokemon is about?” or “Wow, what have we as humans thought of? Ruining all the future and present childhood memories? Dang…”

  18. Hardcore Pokemon Fan says:

    This movie looks horrible!!! It completely slaughters Pokemon and what it is all about. The actors look horrible, as does the cgi. The storyline is completely stupid, Pokemon aren’t supposed to kill each other, it’s completely ruined the whole meaning behind Pokemon.

    My childhood memories of Pokemon have officially been raped by these morons.

  19. Ben says:

    I think the dark turn on pokemon is long overdue and needed. This would be epic, I think the cgi is fucking awesome for a fan-made film. Its not like these guys have a studio and get paid to do this guys….. stop being such whiners. If this was made full feature I would buy it. Hands down.

  20. it's cool. Sit back and enjoy the ride BD says:

    the hardcore oldschool fans need to relax. I grew up on pokemon and still love it to this day, but I think this would be amazing. It adds a great dark theme to something intended for children. It’s not destorying the whole morals and ideas because it’s the humans that start the underground fighting and start possible pokemon killings. It shows the dark human nature and yet the endearing quality of the pokemon’s loyalty to it’s owners. When the dark knight came out, fans of the over the top Adam West batman didn’t complain. I think it’s great that someones trying to show that it usnt just children that can love pokemon

  21. Freedom711 says:

    For a fan-made proj, I would sae this is amazing. Almost got me fool. Really thot it was some hollywood movie especially some cinematography was pretty professional.
    I believe if the budget is enough, it will be a brilliant movie. Of cox, get some kids cast…we still preferred Ash to be a kid..:p

  22. pat man awsome says:

    I think its a work of pure genious it could use work but half of you are brats without talent so you watch movies that doesn’t make you experts try turning anime to real its harder than it looks I. Beat y’all. Gonna watch it so dont bag because every one else hates it don’t be like that ok I’m a middel schooler not three

  23. ghost says:

    worst movie ever

  24. Jake Sooth says:

    The most DISGUSTING film ever! I never ever want tosee this movie in cinema or video store let alone watch it. I seriously try not to swear but FUCK this movie. It does not look like , Sound like Pokemon.And seriously guns, swearing and so much violence for Pokemon! Look I’m sorry but it is utterly DISGUSTING, Does not Look like Pokemon and I will not be tell anyone to see this movie or will I WATCH IT. It’s a digrace to one of the best TV shows ever!

  25. POKEFAN 360 says:

    Ohhh my god ! if this movie is real…. My childhood memories of Pokemon have officially been raped by these morons.

    They already raped my chilhood memories of Dragonballz with Dragonball evolution.

    what happened to the world ?!?!

  26. Daiz says:

    Hey this is really cool better than the “other” fake movie trailers…way better i will give this 10/10

  27. Chelsea says:

    I think a live action Pokemon movie’s an
    awesome idea! The series is getting too long
    and it’s not as good as it used to be.

  28. bigkountry2009 says:

    its a good idea…the problem is that too many younger kids watch the anime, which means that when the movie appears on tv as a trailor and the parents watch it, their not gonna want their kids to see it…with all the violence and guns and cursing in it. but for those that are older…its not a bad idea

  29. Red says:

    this would be great for teenagers and adults, i’ve been into pokemon since i turned 5, i tried making my own pokemon live trailer once but after seeing this, i was shocked and i had to watch this at least more then once

    but if it does become a live action movie i would watch it anyday anywhere at anytime great job :)

  30. FU Jakob says:

    This movie rocks. I don’t care if it ruins most of the childhood goodness from pokemon. It still rocks. Awesome.

  31. JemZx says:

    I think this trailer is pure awesomeness!! For the morons that say “Ohh my childhood, oh my god, my panties”, don’t be so sissy, this is just a side story that has nothing to do with the plot, but the movie has a nice realistic plot, giving the true meaning of the world of fighting, and the actors are deep in the plot, so it is well done… Hope they make this a real movie!

  32. justis says:

    w0w! id totally go see this! Misty cusses! gotta go catch it all! btw that Jesse looks hella hot!

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