Philadelphia Eagles cheerleader Donna McCall Engaged to Eddie Munster

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Donna McCall is engaged to Eddie Munster. Donna McCall McCall is a former Philadelphia Eagles NFL cheerleader and Butch Patrick is a former American child actor best known for his role as Herman Munster’s and Lily Munster’s only son, Eddie Munster on the popular ’60s hit show.

Philadelphia Eagles cheerleader Donna McCall Engaged to Eddie Munster

Philadelphia cheerleader Eagles Donna McCall and Eddie Munster

The 57 year old Patrick and 55 year old McCall are about to start their own Munster Family after a meeting in May got their blood racing fast; less than 60 days later they are ready to get married.

Donna McCall and Eddie Munster are excited about an upcoming wedding and tell press it was … love at first bite. Donna met Eddie at a Vampire Convention. The former cheerleader says that she’s had the hots for the Munster for decades. She said she even wrote him as a child to express her love. Donna add says that she’s been a fan of his since the 1960s; now a half century later, she will be his wife.

The relationship between McCall and Patrick later on turned to something else, a feeling of love for each other. Unpredictably however, the two lost communication only to meet once again last May at the DraculaCon II in Pennsylvania earlier this year.

After years of affliction, they finally met and began a whirlwind romance, and extended, then closed the consultation Butch. Donna explains to say yes, useless. Two children have been established in Pennsylvania madhouse all in West Chester.

They embarked on a whirlwind romance and McCall, a former cheerleader for American football team the Philadelphia Eagles, recently accepted Patrick’s marriage proposal. McCall was an NFL cheerleader in the 1970s.

In an interview, McCall said that she drove from the Philadelphia area to meet Patrick.

She said “My first crush was Butch Patrick.

McCall said, “I tracked Patrick down on the Internet. He e-mailed me back with his cell phone number.”

She said, “I was really, really nervous when I called him. I felt like I was 10 years old again. He put me quite at ease. He handed the phone to his mom and I got to talk to her for a little bit.

She said at the convention, “I met him for the first time, but I feel like I’ve known him forever.

There was no declaration on when or where the wedding will be held.

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