Parry Aftab Arrested For Child Molestation

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Most of US online users are searching for the latest news about “Parry Aftab Arrested for Child Molestation”. This news posted today on Friday, 23rd July, 2010 at 2:14 am on  web. Parry Aftab is an Internet Privacy and Security Lawyer and Cybersafety Advocate.

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According to ask parry special reportsAsk Parry is a service of process where Parry Aftab, noted internet safety and privacy expert, and executive of Wired, the world’s largest online safety and help group may answer your questions about internet safety, privacy and protection, and assist you with troubles you encounter online. Anything from help detecting a safe coatroom for your teens, to knowledgeable what to do if the item you bought at auction doesn’t arrive as promised.”

Now, Parry Aftab Arrested for Child Molestation is become the hot issue in US. You can visit parry aftab website to know more about Parry Aftab. On July 22nd, 2010, Jessi Slaughter 11 year-old victim of intense cyberbullying appeared with her family in the American morning news and talk show ‘Good Morning America’ for an interview on her cyber bullying case. The show is broadcast on the ABC television network. In the interview, Jessi pleaded for the online community to stop posting nasty comments.

Jessi said that “she understands how this could have pushed her to be suicidal but that she isn’t. She is, however, getting some counseling, which seems like a really good idea.”

Her real name is Jessica Leonhardt. When she post her videos on YouTube she started receiving hate comments and then she retaliated by cursing her haters and even her father popped in the video to admonish the people who were teasing Jessi Slaughter.

The Good Morning America crew caught the attention on her video and they invited her for the interview. In the interview, she talked about the content of her videos that she used to post on YouTube and how she’s reacted to the firestorm that her videos touched off. In this video, she used her nick name as Kerligirl13 and told a following critics

Pop a glock in your mouth and make a brain slushy

She also encouraged her critics by saying

Go get AIDS and die.”

When her father also appeared on those videos threatening someone he’s trying to point out, she gained a lot of attention. She regarding the videos and said “It’s just; I had no words running through my mind. It was all done live and that was just a way to get out my anger. I think that’s completely wrong that people would taunt people to some degree that they would actually kill themselves over it. And that’s actually completely wrong and whoever is doing it should be locked away for a really long time.

Good Morning America also brought cyber-bullying expert Parry Aftab in their resident to talk about ways that parents can be more involved with dealing with these types of situations, the most apt probably being to step away from the computer for a bit.

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  1. anon says:

    eBaums ftw! dont mess with us

  2. Adult4ResponsibleParenting says:

    Was Perry that turned on by Jessie’s topless photo?

    The cow is perfectly fine with a 11-year-old girl posting about how she enjoys f’ing until she bleeds but she has issues because some people called out the bad parenting which is the real stoy.

  3. Irony says:

    Funny how somebody so against cyberbullying once helped cyberbullies stalk and post a person’s personal info online. Somebody believed to be 10 years old mind you.

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