Paris Hilton Arrested with Albuterol in purse

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In the purse of the Paris Hilton, Albuterol, cash and cocaine all were found when the celebrity was arrested in Las Vegas this past weekend. The reported $1300 in cash and broken Albuterol tablet were mine but the .8 grams of cocaine was not, claimed Hilton. Hilton was arrested late Friday in Las Vegas.

The report has been made that Hilton’s explanation for the little white baggie which fell out of her purse was written up as “She had not seen it but now thought it was gum,” in the Las Vegas police officer’s report. Hilton told officers the purse was borrowed from a friend.

The police report reveals that the officer who stopped Hilton on the Las Vegas Strip Friday night smelled “The strong odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle.” She was with her boyfriend, Cy Waits in a Black Cadillac Escalade when they were pulled over, reported by US Magazine and Paris Hilton has been charged with felony cocaine possession. Waits charged with driving under the influence.

Pedestrians began to recognize Hilton, as Waits failed a series of field sobriety tests. “Extremely embarrassed,” Hilton asked if an officer would accompany her inside the Wynn Hotel to use the bathroom “to prevent her from being molested by the growing crowd.”

Why is the media hyping the Albuterol found in Paris Hilton’s purse? Evidently, it’s just another angle the media is looking at to make more of the cocaine story, but it has been reported that Hilton does have a prescription for Albuterol. Albuterol is a common and legal drug used to treat asthma.

The District Attorney’s office tells Gossip Cop that Possession of Controlled Substance is a felony punishable by a minimum term of one year and a maximum term of four years.

The current charge is probationable, so the court could sentence the socialite to probation rather than prison time. Hilton could also be fined up to $5,000.

Paris Hilton Arrested video from YouTube:

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