Oprah’s Ticket registration for Australian Tour is started

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Oprah Winfrey will be heading down under December with her friend John Travolta and 300 very lucky US viewers, announced by her. The tickets will be available only by a lottery via online registration at her website and opening in October.

oprah winfrey

Her show will be aired in January 2011. This trip of Oprah is Down Under is part of Australia’s tourism promotion that cost most than $3 million dollars from the federal and NSW government.

Martin Ferguson, Tourism Minister said “$3 million is well spent on Oprah since Hollywood’s top earning host’s show has 40 million following, and is currently syndicated in 145 countries. This, Mr. Ferguson said, represents an opportunity to showcase everything that Australia has to offers to tourists.”

“This truly represents an amazing opportunity to showcase Australia, the warmth and hospitality of our people and the depth and breadth of everything our country has to offer visitors from around the world,” the Tourism Minister said.”We as a nation will win as a result of this coup.”

Around $400,000 bill to lure Oprah Winfrey to the Sunshine State will be faced by Queensland taxpayers.

It is expected by tourism bosses that the eight-day tour down under will provide a significant boost to visitor numbers, with The Oprah Winfrey Show boasting an international audience of hundreds of millions of people.

For Oprah’s Ultimate Australia Adventure audience reservations, you can submit your contact information at and they will notify you when the reservation window is announced.

Winfrey will film minimum two episodes of her talkshow, with a special Sydney “Oprah” house show on December 14 during her Australia visit. At her show Winfrey’s around 3000 of Australian fans will also be invited to sit in the audience at Sydney Opera House.

“This is really my last chance to do something big. I thought would it be another trip to Philly? Or maybe New York or Los Angeles. Maybe I should take all of you with me to the other side of the world. You’re going to Australia!” added Winfrey, as the audience applauded and screamed.

Winfrey said “audience for the show Monday comprised “300 of her biggest fans” who have been “so loyal, we call you the ultimate. You have all been on this wild ride with me every step of the way, and for that I have deep, heartfelt gratitude to you all”.

She added, “We have been secretly plotting and planning this trip of a lifetime for almost a year with everyone at Tourism Australia. They are ready to roll out the red carpet for all 300 of us”.


  1. Tania Te Kani says:

    Hello Oparh
    my name is Tania Te Kani and my mum margaret and i live in Melbourne, Vic.we both watch your show we would be over the moon to be able to be apart of your visit here in Australia what a dream come true love you Oparh

  2. Anne Margaret Walker says:

    I am a dedicated fan of oprah and I am devistated she will not be coming to Western Australia, I would love to have a chance to see her in person and perhaps meet her.

  3. Josie Kickel says:

    I!m very excited if I!m lucky to be one your audience inSydney show, coz I!m your vivid fan in Australia, I watched your show four times a week, I loved it very much, and hopefully I see you live during your tour in down under, bless you and good luck.

  4. Kellie Rush says:

    You are the soal of grace and beauty. Like the other 25,000 Aussie’s, I cant wait to meet you. xxx Kellie

  5. jane caruana says:

    hello oprah.well well well,it has happened.i have watch u 4 over 20years wildest dream was to meet u 4 my 50th..being in jan wish is coming to australia..u r a angle brought down from heaven…bless u fingers,toes will b crossed to have a change to meet u.u will love our country.xoxo

  6. Elaine Wright says:

    I would love to see Oprah Live, but with the luck I have, I do not hold much hope, as my mother would say, “you’ve got to be in it to win it”

  7. Marina Trajkovska says:

    I was getting ready to go to work and i heard the news on the radio that you are coming to sydney and i started to cry from joy.I am a been watching you show religiously for the past 16 years with my 2daughter’s. I have missed work just to watch your show. We love you so much. That would be the ultimate dream. God bless you for all the good things you have done. We would be so lucky to be in your audience in Sydney.

  8. lillian marano says:

    Well well Oprah ! Congratulations to you and your team and Australian Tourism for being brave and passionate about bringing a star spangled show to Australia we your loyal fans have been wanting for you to grace our shores for many years ! I for one have always dreamed of being on your show interviewing amazing people from all walks of life can you imagine we could both interview down under? Well you never know you might take up the offer?? I can only dream that I would be lucky enough to get the chance to be in the audience.For many years I have been saying to family and friends that you should be invited to Australia!! When I heard the news I was so delighted! You are a very unique and extrodinary woman who made connections with people you do not know world wide that makes you an exceptional woman you touched and changed peoples lives and have embraced change within yourself I remember the first show we saw in Australia and how impressed I was with YOU being just You you have graced television with style and passion THANK YOU ! I must mention that the team that works around the clock and behind the scenes need to be complemented on there commitment an amazing efforts to make it work so well. I am very excited about your trip down under you will have fun and congratulations to our T.V. net work! You will do us proud and I am positive our great land will promise to live upto your great expectations it is a FAB country to live in “THE LUCKY COUNTRY; how amazing that your dear friend John Travolta will be the pilot of the Qantas plane with our proud emblem onit the Flying kangaroo! A perfect choice!!Your guest will treated to un unforgettable experience a once in alife time!!!Thank you for comeing Oprah!! A Very happy FAN loving loving it. Lillian Marano

  9. jane caruana says:

    hello oprah..4 me to experience a once in a life time 50th birthday to b standing by ur side.u r beauitfull.a angle brought down from heaven.3 cheers 4 chooseing my u .jane caruana.xxxxx

  10. Dianne Mansell says:

    Congratulaions Oprah on 25 Fabulous years. You are a true inspiration. The work you have done with so many charities and the love you have given to so many people. You are one super woman. I love watching your shows. The joy you bring to so many people all over the world. I just cried watching your last show. It was so touching, to see so many happy faces. You have some great followers here in Australia and my husband and I are one of them. I hope there will still be tickets for sale after the poll. Because i will be one who would fly to Sydney. Just to see you bring the love down here.

  11. ian kirkwood says:

    imy misses and i watch ur show EVERY day and would love to be part of ur australian show

  12. Ragni Pillai says:

    Hi Oprah
    I am a big fan of yours for a number of years now. My dream was always to be an audience in your show. When I heard that you were coming to Australia, I was overjoyed. Hopefully I am lucky enough to win the ticket for the show, if not, then welcome to Australia, I am sure you will take back with beautiful memory of our beautiful country and it’s diverse culture. I have always admired you and what a great woman you are and you have touched so many peoples heart including mine with all great things you have done. You are most welcome to come and stay at my home to experience the true Aussie culture. May you have a wonderful time in Australia. God Bless You.

  13. Indigirl says:

    Dearest Oprah
    Having successfully migrated from India to live in Australia was indeed a great privilege. If only this becomes an opportunity to be part of your great audience what greater joy and dream fulfilled that would be! God appoints special angels and you are one. Congratualations on 25 years and on making this world a better place. Love you heaps!

  14. Kim Barratt says:

    My mum and my twin sister and I are die hard fans of Oprah ! We would be absoutely thrilled to get a seat in any of her shows and would fly anywhere to see her in person. Kim

  15. Kay dodd says:

    Dear oprah
    Would be fantabulous to get tickets to your Sydney shows.meeting you is on my “bucket list”
    Of things to achieve in my lifetime.your shows also coincide with my birthday so what better present could top this opportunity! I’ve got my fingers and toes crossed!

  16. Rosa Maria Trujillo says:

    Hi Oprah

    It would be a dream come true to get tickets for your show in Sydney. I follow your programs every time that I got a day off of work. Congratulations on your 25 years of making people life happy.

  17. JENNIFER says:

    Hi Oprah
    I cannot wait to welcome you to Australia, gosh, what do I have to do to get a ticket to your aussie show?? perhaps all I can do is beg! please consider me, I would be so honoured to be a part of this show or any of your shows, you are one of the greatest humanitariums of all time, I live in hope I will be part of this audience.

  18. ann watt says:

    Hi Oprah me and my friend would be 2 very happy women to be on the list to meet the one and only very special lady who will always be rememberd in history as the Talk Show Queen of the world. Hope to see u in December.Be safe,xx

  19. jill says:

    At 49yo I thought if I ever got to America,I would go see the Oprah Show,well i havent been out of Australia yet,its still a dream out of reach,but a dream come true would be to see her in Sydney,please can i have a ticket,I would be so grateful,I love Oprah,isnt she just great!!

  20. Gina says:

    In order to show show Oprah a BIG Warm Welcome…I have created a FaceBook Page for fans to post their welcome message to Oprah to suggest a few things she MUST see & do during her short visit.

    Please feel free to post your welcome messages to Oprah here, as its a Facebook page… if we have enough fans posting message for her… I am sure it will be brought to her attention.

  21. Kim Petersen says:

    Hi Oprah, I just live & breath Oprah, I am the greatest fan of yours, I watch you show every day. I even watch repeats over & over again, I never tire of you. When telling people of something I use but on Oprah she said, they all laugh as I talk about as if you were one of my best friends. I have longed to see you live and to be a part of your show’s audience, I would die I could get tickets to your Australian show, it would be the highlight of my life. You are the greatest kindest person in the world, my whole family are now convert Oprah fans too, we look forward to our hour with you every day, take care & hope to see you live soon, in Australia in NORTH QUEENSLAND, hopefully in the beautiful city of Townsville. I have always said to my husband the only way he would get me to America is if he could guarentee me tickets to your show but he hasn’t been able to do this so I haven’t made it to the States. I am 40 on October the 1st and the only thing I want is tickets for my family to your show, if not for the whole family just for my husband & myself, to finally see the worlds most famous Talk Show Queen live. love always… Bye for now!

  22. Jan says:

    Hi Oprah, I’ve been a long time fan and have alway enjoyed your frank and sometimes controversial interviews. You speak from the heart, into the hearts of those who have been through bad times and good times. Through your own life experiences you have become a great mentor for those who have needed a supportive ear.It would be a privilege to be in an audience with you present.

  23. eleonor porter says:

    hi, Oprah welcome to down under my daughter and i would love to watch your fabulous show in sydney,and will be grateful if will be part of your audience.Please make our wish come true.Thanks a lot

  24. levimurraay says:

    Oh i love you oprah… 😀 oooohhhh I’m so wishing I can be apart of this show! Mannnnnnnnnn I have watched oprah since I was a kid. She’s an icon, an amazing person. Have always always wanted to go and see oprah. I think i would actaully die if I meet her.

  25. Christie Graham says:

    I would love to take my friend Lee to see you for her Birthday…….I think it would create a unforgetable memory.

  26. Lyn says:

    Gidday Oprah
    I would love to see you in person. You are an inspiration to a huge portion of the 21st century women.

  27. sandra says:

    oh ophra, how awsome it is that you will be coming to our country i watch your show every day and when i am unable to watch it i tape it, your the best. Hope i get to see you live, you have a good genuine heart and is always giving and helping your veiwers. lol

  28. Heather says:

    Pick Me!!!! Pick Me!!! Pick Me!!!!
    I have lunch with you every day Oprah, on my T.V. of course… but… It would be fantastic to be at your show here in Australia…. Pick me!!! Pick me!!!! pick Me!!!!

  29. Janine B says:

    Thank you Oprah for being YOU!! You have been a huge influence on my life you have got me thru many tough times and l am so grateful for that,you keep me strong,positive and you have made me stop and look around at all the things in my life that l once took for granted lm now very grateful for.l am a much better person because of you and once again THANK YOU!! I wish you all the love and peace in the world and l cant wait for you to see our great country,enjoy yourself whilst you are here although l wont be seeing you on t.v. when you move onto your next dream you will stay in my heart forever xx

  30. Nanny G. says:

    Hi Oprah!
    We are great-grandparents, and would love to be able to come to your show in Sydney! We will put our names in for the lottery draw.
    It would be fantastic to be part of such an event.
    A bonus for the whole of Australia, and I am sure no matter who attends your show, it will be terrific. Everyone will make you very welcome in Australia.
    An event to be remembered! I sincerely hope all the people you bring with you have a wonderful time whilst here.

  31. dear oprah, my sister and i have watched your show for ions even living in different states we’ve always talked about your topic of the day. most times we agree and other times we’ve disagreed but at the end of our chat we tell each other i love you!how therapudic she is more than i can i ask you oprah can you give her what i can’t.

  32. debby monsour says:

    Dear Oprah,
    My sister and I have watched your show for many years now. Even though we live in different states, we’ve always talked about your topic of the day over the phone since we were not able to watch together in the same room. Most of the time we agree about things and others we disagree. We debate over these topics all of the time but no matter what happens, we always end the conversation with “I love you”! My sister Dayle, is very theraputic for me, more than I can begin to explain. So I ask you Oprah, can you give her what I can’t?

  33. Joanne Smith says:

    My very close girlfriend would love to come and see you

  34. sonia lopreiato says:

    hi, for once in my life i would love to take part of something huge, and life meaning the atmosphere and trill of being part of this huge opportunity would truely make me happy, me and my friends would love to share this chance with you, and be apart of Australian history.

  35. Tina Borrington says:

    Hi Oprah
    How exciting! I am absolutely thrilled you are gracing our fabulous shores. Your energy is truly invigorating and I love your inspirational show. I would love to bring my Dad along to join in your phenomenal Aussie event. Can’t wait to meet you xx

  36. Val Clinch says:

    Dear Oprah,
    We are two very young sixty year olds, so you can imagine how long we have been glued to your show but always wished we could be glued to your American show but never had the chance or the money to visit you, BUT coming to Australia that’s different. We would even clean toilets to see you. I have always been a huge fan so here’s hoping we will see you in Sydney.
    Love Val & Tanya xxxxxx

  37. Evelyn Miller says:

    My Daughter and I would be so blessed to be able to see you in person when you come to Australia.Love to see you in Brisbane.Love watching your shows,
    Love you Evelyn

  38. Zara says:

    Hi Oprah,

    My family, sister, nephew always watching your show. My mum is 84 and still watching your . If possible can wwe can a free ticket to show . Actually , we live in sydney.I love yooh! Oprah!

    Zara :)

  39. Zara says:

    Hi Oprah,
    How are you ? We love so much. Is that possible can we get free ticket from show, when come to Sydney. Only if there available my ” Mum ” is 84 she will happy if we get it. Take care.

    Thank you so much.


  40. Linda Pranatio says:

    would really love to be part of Oprah down under, Thank you.

  41. Sandra says:

    Hi Oprah,

    Wow, This is the most exciting news of the Century, my daughter who is 23 and myself are your BIGGEST FANS. We LOVE YOU and BELIEVE YOU ARE THE ANGEL OF ALL ANGELS.

    We would have our BIGGEST DREAM come true if we were just simply able to see you in person.

    Sandra and Tamika

  42. The BOufrancis family says:

    Hi Oprah,
    These are the women of the Boufrancis family
    We watch your show everyday and we are your biggest fans. You are an amazing woman that my cousin and I(12&13 years of age) want to be successful and strong just like you. We think of you as an inspiring strong woman that has helped many people in life and especially us girls knowing that we can achieve anything in life just like you. We want to be strong, loving, funny, arm giving, helpful, thoughtful and an inspiring woman just like you. We would be over the moon and so thankful if you would accept us to be apart of your inspirational show that will bring us closer and more understanding of how you work. So pplleeaassee Oprah let us be apart of your show.
    Love always Chantal and Rosemary Boufrancis your biggest fans

  43. Carol Williams says:

    The excitement that one person can create is truely magic and to be swept up in all the magic that surrounds you Oprah puts one in an euphoric state.I want to be a part of that so a couple of tickets would be great. What a way to end the year and you know what a moment in time!

  44. joy swain says:

    It would be wonderful to be able to see you in Sydney.I have watched you for many years as I walked on my walking Machine .That time on the walking Machine and watching you may have saved my life. Thank You Joy

  45. Janelle Cooke says:

    im looking everywhere!!! Where can i get a ticket for my mum and me…. We really would love this if we could come but we cant find where to get the tickets online…..
    does anyone know… o please help…. :)

  46. Michelle Abbott says:

    Hi Oprah,
    Wow, I am so lucky just to be writing to you. You are my inspiration, and the most wonderful person I know. I watch your show every morning. You are just amazing and have touched so many lives. I would be so honoured to see you in Sydney.
    Best regards, Michelle Abbott

  47. Trish Bain says:

    Oprah a real thrill for us downunder here, would not miss your daily show for quids. Would love to be one of the lucky ones to win your lottery for a ticket. Our Oprah House is beautiful set on the glorious Sydney Harbour. I am sure you will love your time here with us Aussies.

  48. Diane Regan says:

    I have loved watching your show for along time. So sorry to hear it will be ending soon. But you really deserve some for yourself, to do all the things you have put on hold because you have been such a busy lady. I hope I get to see you in Sydney.

  49. J E Rogers says:

    Hello Oprah

    I am looking forward to your visit to Australia even though I am living in a part of Australia which at this point in time you will not be visiting, but here’s hoping. I would love to secure a ticket to one of your shows be it in Sydney or Melbourne and am looking forward to finding out how I can go about this. Alway promised myself that on my next visit to the US I would try and get over to Chicago to join your studio audience, but of course have now left my run too late.

    May I welcome you to Australia – enjoy your visit.


  50. Cynthia says:

    G’Day Oprah,

    I would be just blown away if i could win tickets to your show in Sydney..
    I am a stylist and I just love watching the way you have changed over the past few years..My fingers are crossed to finally come join you in your audiance..

    So as they would say throw another shrimp on the barbe..
    Hope you have a great time ..LOL

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