Old Navy Tank Top Sale 2010 Offers Great Deal Today

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Old Navy introduces “Old Navy Tank Top Sale 2010” as a summer blowout. And all the customer know this is the second great sale after the last show held by Old Navy in May (for most of its items).

Date: Saturday, June 12, 2010
Time: 7:00am – 11:00pm
Location: Your fave local Old Navy store- Most stores open at 7 a.m. but check your local Old Navy for hours

Old Navy Tank Top Sale 2010 Offers Great Deal Today

Old Navy Tank Top Sale 2010 Offers Great Deal Today

According to Old Navy announcement about Old Navy Tank Top Sale 2010 :

We have been informed that this Saturday, June 12, Old Navy will be offering $2 Old Navy Top Tank Sale, however these are limited to 5 purchase per customer only.

It is suggested that you call your local store asap because this will be very limited and you have to get there before the supply runs out. The offer is only available for in store purchases (not online). So do hurry girls!

Tank tops are usually used as layering pieces to your wardrobe so in Old Navy Tank Top Sale 2010 there are 50 color choices for women’s and girls tank tops including solid, stripe, print and embellished.

Americans are now seen to take sales like this with excitement because of the current financial situation. If things like this is the trend then retailers likeOld Navy, Kohls, Target, and not to forget Walmart will benefit a lot.


  1. mital says:

    I’ve been waiting for this sale for awhile and of course it would come on a weekend where my family is swamped with things to do. We’ve planned on painting our bedroom. Will be an all day event I’m sure. Anyhoo, Saturday, June 12th,Old Navy will have select style women’s and girls tank tops for just $2 each.

  2. mital says:

    my ON is opening at 7am and last year it didnt take long b 4 only white and black were left so get there early!!! i will b there by6:30

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