Octomom Nadya Suleman is facing Foreclosure

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American Nadya Suleman is famous as Octomom after giving birth to octuplets. She lost her home after falling behind on her mortgage payments yet again. Vivid Entertainment offered her huge amount $500,000 to star in a one hour long porn video after hearing about Nadya Suleman’s upcoming impending expulsion. Yet, Suleman has not declined the offer of Vivid Entertainment. It seems that her dreams of having a reality television series many not happen.

Nadya Suleman, octuplets

It is expected that she would get other offers that would help her pay the bills that don’t engage getting naked on camera. In case, she selects an offer then the mother of 14 children will make her appearance on 9th October. According to reports, Amer Haddadin sold the house to dad of 35-year-old Suleman. Suleman’s dad still holds the note, said that he is ready to expel her from the house. Haddadin said Suleman that she is yet to pay $4,060 for house payment of this month and an additional 3,500 dollars is owed for previous months.

It is her second time when Suleman has fallen behind on her mortgage. She narrowly avoided foreclosure in the month of April. He has called Suleman’s lawyer about her new debt, but was told she didn’t have the money to pay him, and will consequently begin the foreclosure process. “Nadya has nannies and huge expenses raising 14 children,” a source stated. “She needs a lot of money just to keep up with the basics. And now the income has dried up and she didn’t make enough in the past year and a half to live off of it.

Public assistance has been got by her before for her older disabled children and will need to go back on welfare here very soon. Suleman posed in a bikini for Star Magazine in the beginning of this year, but has not had any paying gigs since that time. Most of people think that she had a number of procedures to look more like Angelina Jolie. But she opposed them and said that she has had no plastic surgery. In March of 2009, Suleman’s made a big mistake when she fired Angels in Waiting, the non-profit that was brought in by attorney Gloria Allred to assist in the care of the infants.

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