NYC Carla Franklin Sues Google Just like Rosemary Port Case

Posted by Vinay Sojitra on Aug 19, 2010 | 1 Comment

Carla Franklin sued on google at 18th august 2010 because she wants to render the person who said insulting statement and words about her on web site, which became harmful to her reputation so she decided to sue Google Just like rosemary Port Case.

About Rosemary Port case:

Rosemary Port, the blogger behind “Skanks in NYC,” is suing the biggest company in the world. It sued Google for $15 million. The fight was started among these two women because one person said some not-so-good stuff about Rosemary Port toward her ex-boyfriend. She felt that her privacy was violated so By hock or crock she desired to find out the person who said so, and that’s why she sued against Google to revealed identity of the on the Internet.


Carla Franklin Sues Google:

Carla Franklin, The former actress and model was on the way to sue the internet extremely large, Google, in an attempt to unveil identities of that unknown person, who posted her photos and videos and used the word “whore” for her. She also said that cyberbully has taken unauthorized clips of her from movies and spoiled her reputation.

According to the Daily News. “People hide behind these shields and think they can just post anything,”

Daily News said, Carla Franklin followed the lawful tactic of Liskula Cohen, who successfully sued Google to discover the person who called her a “skank” and “old hag.” Franklin asks the company to tell her the names, addresses, and phone number of the tormentor.

Results in such cases are that, some websites provide identity in their web site, while others have chosen fight it out.

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  1. Armin says:

    It’s not fair to reveal anyone’s identity. Companies like Google have always protected the identity of its users. If it’s the second case and she wins, perhaps tomorrow we’ll have hundreds of such cases.

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