NBC’s Special Show on Lindsay Buziak Case

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Previously Lindsay Buziak’s unsolved murder case is now further examined. So one more time the Lindsay Buziak case has highlighted when NBC aired one hour special show ‘The Dream House Mystery’ on its channe for it in the Dateline. Lindsay Buziak, a real estate agent was killed before two year.

Lindsay Buziak’s boyfriend Jason Zailo found her in dead condition at upstairs bedroom of her residence after 15 minutes of the death. For the first time, publicly he narrated the account of murder Lindsay Buziak. Buziak was a 24-year-old Victoria real estate agent. Lindsay Buziak was enticed at the Gordon Head home by a man and a woman who claimed to the police, afterward that they were prospective buyers.

Re-examine was held on Friday night facing millions of North America-wide audience on Dateline NBC that a televised news magazine.

Zailo told Dateline correspondent Josh Mankiewicz said, “I want people to know that I love Lindsay and I think about her every day. I want this case solved as fast as possible … I had nothing to do with it.”


Saanich police said that the two were contract killers, but police has not yet discovered why Buziak was targeted. The Saanich police Sgt. Dean Jantzen believes, for the department, that some tips can be heard from the viewers of NBC program.

He said, “We are told in talking to the producers that it will generate tips for us. The numbers, we feel, will be in the hundreds and that is typical of past productions.” He also said, “There’s been nothing, nothing that would say (Matt) was involved in any way in this crime.”

Dean Jantzen said that the officers are ready for whatever tips they get and each and every tips will be monitored by the detectives. He added, “Our detectives came up against a wall, and decisions were made to move forward with the Dateline production. I think people who watch it are going to see that we’ve done everything we can and we’re up against a wall, and we’re looking for ideas on this investigation. Someone has to call us and give us some information to move forward.

Most of the one-hour special show was focused on Buziak’s past and her relationship with Zailo and ex-boyfriend Matt MacDuff.

The Dateline’s investigative experts’ team theorized on the case. They believe that Buziak was targeted, and that it was planned by someone close to her. Police carry on to look for two suspects a man and a woman whom Lindsay showed the house on Feb. 2, 2008.

Insp. Rob McColl said to Mankiewicz,”(There’s) more likely a third, fourth, fifth person involved.

Jantzen said, “It brings 11 million viewers to the table so it does open up a much-wider audience than just us in southern B.C. and on the Island. We want as many people to see this as possible. It doesn’t matter to our detectives where you live. We don’t know, it could be international for that matter.”

For solving the case, Saanich police have created a new international tip line for information on Buziak’s murder. So, if any persons have any information about this case, they can urge to call Saanich police at 1-888-980-1919 or e-mail [email protected]

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